Dad in a sedated coma

Hi my dad has had to be put into a sedated coma as he has had lung failure and other complications the doctors are trying to make sense of...he been on a ventilator for 24 hours now... It is a really tough and worrying time for my family I wonder if Any one could shed some light on simular situations and do people pull through sedated comas thankyou

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  • Hiya I was in a sedated coma this time 4 years ago I was placed in one on the 19th of December and I was home on the 17th January so yes people wake up and recover. Have faith the doctors/consultants will do everything in their power to fix your father and it also depends on the patients strength. If he in one for more than a week don't be scared it's quite normal his body just needs the rest to hopefully repair itself as well I hope it isn't long until he back up and recovering but in the meantime please look after yourself and don't worry he has no clue as to what is going on and will be in no pain whatsoever x

  • I was in 2 grade 3 Comas with Sepsis, pneumonia, Mrsa and kidney failure. I had a 1-2% chance of survival. My family were told I wouldn’t survive. It’s now 4 months since I came home from the hospital and I’m slowly recovering. So yes people do recover from Comas, don’t ever give up hope xox

  • Same as other replies - my wife was shocked at first - when I agreed to be ventilated, being unable to breath - she assumed it would be a few hours - I remained intubated and in an induced coma for 57 days. I have fully recovered - your father is in the right place. Best wishes

  • Hi, I was in your exact position in October. My dad had septic shock and his organs were failing so they put him in a coma. He had the infection in his lungs and kidneys in particular as well as in the blood. He was in the coma for 5.5 weeks. It took him a further 6 days to wake up and then another week to stop having delusions and thinking the Doctors had kidnapped and tried to kill him. He had quite a bit of muscle wastage too but the really good news is that he has recovered, came out of hospital 3 days ago and is on his way to a full recovery. My advice is that no matter how bad it looks don’t ever give up hope. Also talk to your dad and tell him how much you need him back. Mine had an out of body experience where his mother came to collect him whilst he was sleeping. We kept telling him we wanted him here and I wonder if on some level that went in. I’m sorry he is poorly for Christmas but just think how great it will be when he eventually comes out and you can celebrate it with him this time. Each day it seems hopeless ( as many did) just remember that people do come out of this ok. This forum really helped me. Best wishes. X

  • Hi, 2 years ago on a flight to Shanghai on November 18 I developed acute pancreatitis. Then in a local ICU this lead to pneumonia, MOD and I had to be put in a drug induced coma. During that period, only my heart was functioning normally. I came out 4 weeks later and was flown home to Europe after another 10 days there. After another 2 weeks in a local hospital I returned home and was able to fully recover over a 3 months period. I was close to dying but the answer to your question is: yes it is possible to come through and recover. By the way, I am 74 now and doing very well

  • Tell the Drs. To see if he was ARDS. This happen to me over 20 years ago and this living

  • Thankyou all so much having such positive stories to read really's been 4days since dad was induced not much has changed..he is still quite critical but stable..what is Ards may I ask and also does any 1 know anything about the probe position...trying my best to keep positive your post are all inspiring thankyou every 1

  • I had severe ARDS - this isn’t a particularly clever condition, it seems to occur in people already critically ill.

    I overcame flu, double pneumonia & sepsis leading to septic shock & multiple organ failure, only to be struck down with ARDS, which is another critical respiratory disorder. The lungs are even more flooded and incapable of oxygenating the blood. They proned me three times, not very pleasant for the relatives, I was unconscious, so none the wiser. This is turning the patient onto the belly, my wife found this very difficult because all of the tubes seemed to be yanking on my body, I was swollen and bleeding. The hospital wanted to move me somewhere that had ECMO but I would not have survived the journey. This, I understand, is a more intense dialysis like operation ( never had it so....)

    I came out of all of this with very little long term damage to my heart, kidneys or lungs - that in itself is a miracle. I hope he improves soon. Best wishes

  • Yes my dad was proned non stop every 12-18hrs for 3 days today is 5th day and he awoke from his coma today.. Witch is a relief but still on the ventilation and is very distressed because of this and may have to be intubated tonight because of's just very worrying but thankyou for your positive story's and we'll done for over coming your hard time

  • They also put me intermittently on the ventilator, put mittens on my hands to stop me pulling the lines out, and put me in an induced coma – of which I remember nothing, of course. The ICU team had trouble waking me up from it and I was out for at least 5 weeks. Then another 4 weeks in ICU. After that it took me a long time to get my strength back (starting with the physio trying to persuade me to wiggle my feet). But after 21 months, I am nearly back to where I was before my hospital stay, i.e. a standard old crock of 70.

    Wish him better and good luck!

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