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1 year since ICU

Hi, I was in icu on the 7 April 2016 for two weeks with chest sepsis and various other things (cant spell them) in hospital 5 weeks, my year has been up and down but I have come so far and am so happy.

my problem is with it coming up to 1 year and just getting over a chest infection I am scared it will happen all over again.

Can anyone give me a bit of reassurance.

thank you.

Joanne 😁

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Hi joanne and I was the same always worried that same thing that put me in the coma would happen again, I had internal bleeding and was vomiting blood. Anyway 3 years down the line I am fine, I haven't been in a coma again and my fears died down over time, it's natural to feel the way you are but honestly no need to panic xx glad to hear your doing good 😀

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hi jojokarak,

thank you for your positive reply and am made up you are doing ok too.

kind regards Joanne 😁


Hi Joanne

It's nearly 2 years since I was in a coma with septic shock and I'm the same. Whenever I feel unwell I have anxiety attacks. I now realise this is happening and deal with it. It is getting better and like the others say it takes time. Hang in there. It does get better. You'll get there x


hi ruth2610,

thank you for your reply and good to hear your ok, I always tell people off for them saying "what if..........happens" so I will have to take this on myself and not worry 😁, take care, kind regards, Joanne 😁

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