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Feeling ok today

Hi everyone,

Today I'm feeling fine, today the sun is shining, my breathing is ok, my pains have taken a break, I have energy, my mind is full of positives. I am lucky, we are all lucky. Reading all of your stories is both upsetting and uplifting at the same time, we are amazing people and have survived.

Take care everyone x

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Hi Nick,

It's great to hear you're feeling positive today, I think the winter months drag everyone down but people like us even more so, it's now time to dust off the deckchair, fire up the BBQ and enjoy the fact that we all survived one of the most traumatic times in our lives, to sit in the garden and watch the sun setting in the West with a glowing red sky is a sight I'll never get tired of seeing.

Best wishes to all my fellow survivors I hope you all have a great summer.



Lovely post Xxxx


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