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Critically ill baby


My 3 month old son had a Cardiac arrest, starving his brain of oxygen. He was admitted to ICU on tuesday, put into an induced coma to stop swelling. Medication was stopped and he didnt come out of coma. His mri and ccg scan showed severere brain damage. He had the ventilation tube taken out and the doctors didnt expext him to breath. But he did and nothing has changed in 3 days. Hes still breathing unaided and in a deep coma.. Any ideas on what to expect, timescale involved..Any hope his brain will recover? Thank you

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I would not lose hope humans have ability to adapt and is young enough to develop new or unaffected parts.

Fact is baby is breathing on own is good indication .

If was me i would keep faith and look for signs such as peeing function we all do.


Thank you for your word..

Sadly he passed away after they withdrew oxygen that he had temporarily. I feel angry that they wrote him off and left him to die gradually taking the treatment framework away after the 72 hour period they allot. All they would do is care for him, wash an change his nappy. Think its disgusting but didnt find out about it till later.. Hope this information can help someone in a similar situation.


Hi am so sorry


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