Chances of coming out of minimally conscious state

My brother had a major brain injury 5 month ago to the right side of his head where they removed that part of his skull, I have posted on here before when he was in his coma , he is now 5 month down the line and has been transferred to another hospital where they are performing a 3 month smart assessment process , he still does not talk and needs to be fed through a peg in his tummy , he sometimes smiles when we talk about old times to him but this isn’t every visit some visits are better then others, he follows small commands sometimes like when I ask him to blink if I ask a question , he has recently started sort of play fighting with myself and sister hittin our arms and smiling , has anyone experienced this we just don’t know if this is it for him we feel he’s in there on a good day it’s just something we have never experienced, any info would be very much appreciated

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  • I know exactly how you feel. Same condition with my daughter. We don’t know when they will get better, hopefully soon.

  • Does your daughter react to yous ? I miss him so much I miss his voice , praying for you

  • She looks at me but doesn’t speak . Her eyes are full of tears when I tell her that she will get better soon and go home with me.

  • You poor soul , it’s heartbreaking seeing a loved one not as they once were , keep trying to get reactions I’m thinking of you

  • Thank you, hope your brother has a full recovery in the coming days. Please keep in touch.

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