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Hello, new. Boyfriend in Intensive care


I'm new to this community

My boyfriend A.J has been in Intensive care on life support in a natural coma since he took a massive overdose of three different pain relief tablets to end his life on Christmas Eve this year (24/12/2016).

The nurses keep telling me that he will probably be able to hear me and to keep talking him, but I don't always or keep running out of things to say to him, so I just hold or rub his hand and when I leave Intensive care I always kiss him on both of his cheeks.

There has still been no improvement in A.J's condition and it has now been six days today, since he tired to end his life.

What is heartbreaking is that A.J is a single parent to two sons (both primary school age).

Also A.J lost his brother in a tragic car accident and both his sons were injured, one seriously (had to stay in hospital for a week), in the same tragic car accident. It will be a fortnight tomorrow since the tragic car accident.

Lucky me, A.J's dad, best mates or a childminder are looking after his two sons.

A.J'S Girlfriend

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My husband was in ICU for 60 days 50 of them heavily sedated after gastric sleeve surgery turned septic shock. I know how it feels to "run out of things to say" or feel like you aren't sure what to say. I brought his phone in and would play things he had in his spotify play lists sometimes. Maybe you could have the kids record a message for their dad and you can play it for him as well. I know how hard the first few weeks can be, big hugs to you!

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It really is early days I know it's hard but patience is what you need at moment. He is still fighting that's the main thing, I was in a coma for around 5 weeks at this time 3 years ago, I know my family told me they were talking to me and I was never left alone but mine was an induced coma so the drugs they use messed with my head, I would imagine it's completely different if your in a natural one. Just take each day at a time at minute and every day he gets through he is that little bit more stronger x. Make sure you look after yourself he will need you once he wakes up.....

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Please take each day at a time. I'm 61 days in with my mother. She went into septic shock twice. Finally got a scan done, but there isn't much they can do because she is so critical (praying).

ICU is a roller coaster. You will have days where everything looks like it is working out for the best and then days where you have all hope diminished. I'm not sure if you believe in a higher power (God), but literally praying has kept me focused. Talk to him. Orient him at all times. Make a list of his favorite songs or some motivational ones. Play them. I leave my iPad next to my mom. I whisper in her ear. They told me my mom was mentally gone. Two weeks into the hospital she opened her eyes and started asking me for food and what's going on. Since going into septic shock a second time, she is in a natural coma. I talk to her all the time. Pray with him.

Talk about how much fun you two will have when he gets out. Share how much the kids and you love him...How life without him isn't life at all. Relive some of your best memories with him. The mind is a powerful thing. Love is even more powerful. I will add you in my prayers.


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