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Over 80, a month in the ICU

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Dear all, I joined this group in order to find more information from people living through similar experience of having a loved one in intensive care. My dad is 83 and he’s been hospitalised for 30 days now. He is in what seems to be vegetative state followed by two weeks in a coma. He was there due to a fall in the first place which he survived well however had a heart attack two days after he was in the icu. They resuscitated him but since then he’s unconscious. He opens his eyes and we talk to him but his mind seems to be elsewhere. He has kidney problems but his body is not handling dialysis anymore. They are giving him morphine. Me and my family feel hopeless and we don’t want him to suffer anymore... it’s hard to think properly and know what’s the right thing to do. Thank you, much love and best wishes to all.

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I’m so sorry to hear what you are all going through.

So sorry your having such a dreadful time things can look so bleak at times and then the next day things can change so quickly I will pray that you have a good outcome

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Thank you, unfortunately he died yesterday however no longer suffering. Kind regards

Hi el_violet I'm sorry your going through this I know the feeling sending hugs

Now is your father on any sedatives or had he been these can take a long time to wear off especially as his kidneys are not functioning properly? Is he on life support?


Thank you for your message. He was on life support and palliative care after he was transferred from the icu. Sadly, he died yesterday. Kind regards

So sorry rip x

Hello Violet, so sorry to hear you have lost your father. It's so hard to see someone you love suffer. I just wanted to pop to your page to say hi because you left such a lovely message for me on my page and it made me feel supported. I hope you and your family have the support and love you need at this difficult time to help you find some peace. Hugs to you

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Thank you so much 💕

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