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SEPSIS via UTI that caused Acute Kidney Injury and Pneumonia


Headline is results of lack of after care following my dads hip surgary and catherterisation.

I am lucky as being spsis survivor myself, I was able to alert medical staff when there due diligance failed my dad when it come to uti and sepsis.

To cut a long story short will my dad electrolytes stop dumping fluid that is causeing is bp to bottom out given results of sepsis shock and seziours.

Every time he comes of IV drip he needs to go back on it.

Clearly am totaly disgusted how such things are still going on given poor care due diligence.

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Hey! I hope your Christmas was wonderful despite the news with your father.

Care in the hospital is doenedent on so many factors. Unless your loved one has a person to advocate for them, there is a good chance that he/she may not receive the optimum care. I'm very persistent with the nurses. Wash your hands. New gloves. You touch something outside of my mom's body, go clean your hands and grab gloves. Our parents are more susceptible to infections due to being older.

Sepsis is serious. My mom is recovering from septic shock now. I had to file a formal grievance and sit with some members of the ethics board. The vassopressers help maintain a BP, but so long as they are on it... it makes them dependent. So nurses must titrate down (wean off) as soon as possible. Ask the doc about Oral Midodrine. It helps patients get off the drips (IVs) in a short amount time.

Ask his doctors to give you his daily labs. You want to monitor his white blood cells, platelets, hemoglobin, creatinine, BUN and electrolytes. Those tell you how his body is working. What type of antibiotics is he on?

Also is he thirdspacing? Are the fluids going into the skin causing him to swell? Ask for an Albumin and low dose dieuretic regimen to pull it off. He may kind of drift off mentally. Don't get scared. The infection does that to him. Continue to talk to him and orient him even if he doesn't respond. The infection clouds septick shock patients' minds.

Please don't let the doctors pressure you into making any (die with dignity) decisions regarding your dad immediately. Always ask for time to think on it. Set up a meeting with the doctors. Explain your concerns and goals. See what their goals are as well. You guys should be on one accord. Any doctor that fails to communicate or doesn't want to treat your father in the manner you want him to be treated, replace ASAP.

I'm here anytime to answer questions or talk. It's a rough experience. Be prepared and patient.

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Hi cheers you have sumed up battle i have been facing DOCTORs would of let him die of pneumione if i had not steped up and put em strait.

Told them my dads not doing this dieing in here IS going to be fixed or be trouble.

To be honest like you say he's bloods are bad BUT its not as bad as care he was reciving.

My dads still on surgary ward BUT if he takes turn again AM going to try get him on intensivve care ward as he needs careful monitoring.

Thanks for adive defo going to see he's doctors about bloods hope ya mother is doing ok


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Get him to ICU. If he has Sepsis, that's an ICU problem unless he is already in Surgical ICU.

Mom is still fighting. Going through this, I've learned so much. Hospitals bank on patients' ignorance. The less you know, the more control they have in the care of your loved one.

Stay on them. If you can, request to have continuity with the nursing staff (try to keep the same nurses in rotation) . It helps with the care. They'll know your dad.

Pneumonia is critical in older patients. Very deadly if not treated aggressively and soon. I'm very happy you are involved. It makes a difference.

As I said before, I'm here to help. I'll pass on any of the information that I know.

I had a similar experience in 2015. I was dangerously ill with urosepsis and septic shock. After going back to general ward my temp kept spiking and I had to go back on antibiotics. They decided to remove all catheters and iv lines as they were the source of infection. I was fine after that. I hope he recovers soon.

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Hi cheers sepsis trashed my lungs IS truly nightmare trying to defend loved one in recipt of bad care when unwell our selfs.

Sorry to hear about your run in with sepsis is truly horrific condition illness disease BUT preventable and thats sad part.

I sufferd low bp and lung necrosis thats how nearly done for me MY own doctor as said i wouldnot survive pneumonia again.

Told me its high risk going hospital to see sort dad BUT what can you do if dont trust hospital with care monitoring treatment he needs.

I got my xmas wish THAT he would survive now its just getting him recoverd home.

Cheers thanks for sharing your experiance :)

Hi my name is Jolynn , my daughter had sepsis from a UTI ,it will be a year in june. She's lost most of her hair and was told she may have a year to live , I'm so scared and I don't understand it. This June will be a year.

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Hi sorry to read about your kid ... What is causing her current issues

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