Close friend's identical twin son, 8 yrs old in serious condition after RTA


My name is Laura, a very close and supportive friend of Andy's.

He is too upset to tell you what happen yesterday morning to both his identical twin sons Jamie & Jack (only turned 8 yrs old, three weeks ago tomorrow), whilst I was taking them school and has asked me to tell you all on his behalf.

We were crossing the road outside the school when a car came out of nowhere on the wrong side of the road & knocked down both Andy's identical twin sons & me. We had the right to cross when the accident happen.

Jack & me escaped with minor injuries, but Jamie suffered serious injuries, which are a fractured skull, two fractures to his left arm & leg & one fracture to both his left wrist & ankle. He is still in hospital in a serious condition in a semi conscious state, on the same children's ward as his younger brother Zac, in the next bed.

My fiance told me that when the two police officers told Andy what had happen on the shop floor, where he's the store manager (my fiance's manager), with him present, he screamed " Oh no, not again" & started to cry.

Andy has told me that he doesn't blame me for what happen yesterday morning & also that he has had enough of all this bad luck happening to his family at the moment. I'm still in shock myself with what happen yesterday morning, as well.

Andy or myself will keep you all updated, when they're any changes in Jamie's, Zac's or Eric's condition.

Laura, Andy's very close & supportive friend

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  • You poor poor friends and families, I can relate to a series of things forever going wrong and that shoot of oh no not again. I hope and pray the little boy heals quickly age is on his side and the recoveries of everyone else is on target. Somehow you have all got to delve inside yourselves and find some unbelievable inner strength to keep positive and keep a good fight to heal those sick and injured. Thinking of you all hugs x

  • I hope and pray everyone gets better especially Jamie 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Thinking of you all at this very distressing time, please remember they are in the very best place for all their medical and health needs. Please make sure you are up dated on all their progress.

  • I hope Andy gets the help he needs as well.

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