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Not good


Well out of Icu for 2 days now was doing well speaking a little and of all feeding and fluids but yesterday we were very worried about the care he was receiving it had been so good in Icu and now was very laps and today my brother went to see him only to find him hanging out the bed he wasn't impressed and put a compliment in he is now dehydrated back on fluid and feed tubes and not speaking it's just not good enough a lack of hand over care and with no care no 😞

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It Is a shock for the family more than the patient when moving from ITU to a ward, 1-2-1 care to being shared amongst staff is very shocking for the family. Can you speak with your ITU team to share your concerns? Is there a hdu ward he can go on? 1-2-2 care?

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Well fortunately I have a contact where I know the chief exc of the trust and it got dealt with very fast

Sometimes it pays to ask a favour

Unfortunately transfer to a ward from ICU leaves a lot to be desired, I still remember my transfer to the ward after I had spent 3 months in ICU almost 6 years ago with the most wonderful care possible, the elation of finally leaving ICU was soon shattered as the staff on the ward were totally unaware that I had spent the the 3 months fighting for my life, I could only just walk with a zimmer frame and had lost all my muscle tone so was barely mobile. I suffer an infection 2 days after being moved to the ward in a side room and had my wife not raised her concern I dread to think what would have happened, after that I was moved to another side room next to the nurses station and then the following day on to a ward where you were told to get out of bed at 7.30am even though it was difficult to move, I actually look forward to going for physio even though it was painful at least it was some friendly faces I knew from my time in ICU. For me it felt like 2 weeks of hell on the ward but I pushed myself so hard during my physio sessions that when they said if I could walk up and down the stairs I could probably go home, I still don't know how I did it but I found the strength from somewhere to do it and thankfully went home the next day.

I did several talks to nurses & HCA's about my experience and have spoken to many people about their own ward experiences but it appears very little has changed since my time on a ward.


Im sorry to hear that the transfer from ICU to HDU or a ward has gone badly. Unfortunately I'm not surprised as there seems to be a break down in communication when patients are moved from ICU. There also seems to be a lack of understanding of the effect a lengthy ICU treatment has on overall physical and mental health. Its imperative that all follow up treatment and care is person centred so that patients continue to improve. We all know our NHS is under a great deal of strain and financial management is key so you would think someone somewhere would realise that patients free up beds far quicker if they given an appropriate level of care.

There is a site called Patient Opinion. I recommend you put a comment on there as very often NHS employees read people's views and sometimes reply.

There is also the Patient Advice and Support Service which can help you to complain.

Unfortunately I speak from experience as earlier in the year I had a prolonged stay in ICU. My care there was marvellous but my subsequent care and out patient follow up and rehabilitation have been sorely lacking. Its only if we give fair and honest feedback that change will come I hope.

Healing thoughts to you and yours.

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Your comments are so true and extremely worrying my dads situation has changed the last 12 hours after we put a complaint in

I don't think we would treat a animal how he was treated 48 hours ago

My mum left today feeling a lot happier

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Glad to hear your dad is doing better. Hope he continues to improve. I would still follow up your complaint.

Healing thoughts and take care

Oh no that is awful. Leaving ICU should be a positive step to recovery not a backward one. Glad you complained and things have improved since xx

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