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Medically induced coma cause commitment issues in relationships??

January of 2015, I was put into a medically induced coma for 8 days because of intestinal adhesions restricting my intestines. I had crazy hallucinations after for a few days and it did kind of haunt me for a few months afterward. But I got over it and I feel like I'm back to my normal self now. Starting a few months ago, me and my husband started having intense marital problems, problems that I have brought up to him in the past that never got resolved before. Because the problems still persisted, I left him. We are both seeing counselors to talk about the marital problems. My husband is convinced that my problems I have with him are all in my head. They've been exaggerated because all of my past health problems, including the coma. I do not feel that is the case. I had these problems with him before the coma. He talked to a nurse and supposedly she said that it is common for people to experience committment issues after being under a medically induced coma. Is that really a thing? I understand ptsd and depression, but committment issues? Really? This is starting to make me question my mental and emotional state!!

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Surviving and recovering from critical illness is a hard enough journey to undertake in any circumstances so I'm particularly saddened to hear you're having relationship issues as well.

Critical illness can leave cognitive and psychological issues in addition to physical ones to deal with. I can't say I've ever heard of commitment issues being highlighted as a specific issue than can result from the critical illness, but I believe in general terms the stress of the whole experience can magnify issues and feelings that you're going through or that were there before. In some cases it can bring people closer, but in others make rifts harder to overcome. Counselling can be helpful to many ICU survivors in coming to terms with their experiences and I do hope this is be the case for you and your husband.


Thank you so much for this reply :)


Thank you so much for replying. Any advice is much appreciated :)


Hey Piggy,

Hope you're well?

I've not personally heard of any issues with marriage being specifically related to being in a coma. If anything, me being so poorly has brought my husband and I closer together. If you had these problems before your illness it may be that you just feel strong enough to now tackle them again.

Undoubtably our attitude to life may change but if you weren't happy before, it's unlikely having a near death experience would solve issues. I suspect the nurse was trying to make him feel better.

Take care,

Debs xx

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Thank you so much. I really appreciate any input from anyone. This one really helped me :)



I was in an induced coma 3 years ago and it did leave me with hallucinations which unfortunately I still have. I do understand where you are coming from as just lately my husband and I have had marriage problems. It has come to light in counselling that he has the problem dealing with what happened to me and the fact I was out of it for 8 days and recovery takes a long time . In my experience I think I've changed as it makes my outlook on life very different and probably less tolerant of wingers. I hadn't realised the impact on him and his way of dealing with the situation. I hope you sort things out and.im not saying your situation is the the same just to let you know I'm some cases it may have an impact on you both.

Take care

Pantz x x


Thank you so much for this reply. I really appreciate it. I hope u guys work things out too :)


Hi, I wondered if you dreamed while in the coma and, if so, would you like to include your experience in a book I'm writing? (Based originally on my husbands dreams while in a coma)





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