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My first post - day 1 following my daughters fall

My husband, other daughter and myself were just 1 day into a weeks break in the Peak District when we were made aware my eldest had had a fall and that we should return immediately as her condition was serious. It took us hours to get to hospital because of our location but that is nothing compared to the heart rending sight when we got there. Her fall had been from a great height and aside from numerous broken bones the main cause for concern is the numerous skull fractures and potential brain damage. We are aware, and were advised early on that this might not be survivable for her but her age of only 27 is at least in her favour and her fanatical fitness kick can only be beneficial also. It's just so very hard to deal with this feeling of helplessness. I have always looked out for my kids and she has always been my 'problem child'. The one getting herself into all manner of scrapes and situations but we are a close knit and very loving family and have weathered whatever storms she has thrown our way, but now we are having to rely on these very caring, compassionate, professional strangers keeping my 'little girl' alive. She has been placed in a medically induced coma, heavily sedated to help relieve the pressure on her brain which I am aware is the first and most important step. I came across the site and am reaching out for a support network of like minded and people who have experienced the same or similar situation. I don't know what's ahead of me and can only pray for a positive outcome

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Hey there, welcome to our little community of miracles xxx

As someone who has had both a fall and fractured skull at the age of 21 months, and an induced coma this year from swine flu and double pneumonia, sepsis, cardiac arrest at the age of 38, I can tell you we can make it, and don't underestimate how much your daughter is fighting this. I was also the problem child but my refusal to accept my fate in my coma means I'm still here. My mum and husband both had "the chat" with the docs who said I'd not make it, my mum said you don't know my daughter, she's a fighter. As is yours. Here for you with everything crossed, D xx


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