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Coma recover blog

Hi all, hope you're well? I'm writing a blog which charts my experiences, my sisters diary of my coma and recovery, side effects etc., and what personality changes I've experienced. Please feel free to read and share, I hope it is of comfort to some people on here.

I've added about 10 entries so far, but am only 2 weeks in to my 5 week hospital stay so plenty more still to add.


Debs xx

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Sorry not sure if the link works but I cannot see your blog.

I had a strange time in an induced coma 12 days and I called it my second life that I am still trying to understand from 2008 when it all happened.

Be Positive.

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You can copy and paste it into your browser?


I was wondering did you dream? My husband had vivid and bizarre dreams which started me collecting them to illustrate. My collection is already with agents, but if you did experienced dreams and is strong enough I would love for you to contribute.

If you want to see my work and meet others who have been in your same situation, please have a look at my Facebook page, look up 'Killing Marmalde and other coma dreams' on Facebook.

Or email me at




Did I? Like you wouldn't believe. I had the most hideous nightmares that haunt me still. I'll check you out on Facebook xx


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