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Hi Everyone. First of all the website I am about to tell you about is in no way connected to me and nor do I receive any reward of any kind.

BENEFITS AND WORK  is an incredible information website to help you with Applications and Appeals in connection with P.I.P. and those still on ESA. You can access the Site for free initially and get quite a lot of information and updates on those subjects. I decided to join for what I consider a nominal yearly Membership and a whole World opened up to me. They have put together several different documents which you can download. They are on how to complete the application and the particular wording to use and everything from YOUR perspective. They then have a Document on how to Appeal and again is a very easy to follow step by step guide. The last, and I think the most important Document is a 50 list of items to check were not said or not done. I think I am correct in saying that 3 points from this list are enough for an Appeal to be upheld. Once again I have no connection whatsoever with BENEFITS AND WORK but glad I am a Member. We are all on Health Unlocked and it's various Sections/Subjects to help each other, otherwise we wouldn't be part of it. We are also here to make sure we get the help and guidance to stand up to the likes of DWP,  ATOS and other Agencies used and get the P.I.P and ESA level we are entitled to based on the descriptive issues we suffer from and have a fair and just hearing and say. If anyone needs to contact me for advice or guidance I am always here, subject to my health on the day.

With best wishes

Phil,  My Wife Linda and BLUEBELL my lifeline

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Hi Phil,

Thanks for the information that I'm sure many people will find useful, I was watching a program on Channel 4 on Monday about the assessments for PIP and the underhand tactics used by assessors to deny people from getting PIP, having been through the process for DLA twice, the first time no problem and then on the second I had to go to appeal as the assessor had no understanding of my condition so I  was awarded very few points, the appeal lasted 10mins with a unanimous vote in my favour, understanding my condition can never improve.


P.S. Love the picture of Bluebell, she looks a very loved car. :-)   

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Hi Bill ,yes she is a work in progress. The same happened with me. A poor result the first time which I appealed against and won the lower rate. Second time for P.I.P. and DLA I went along fully armed with all the info from the website mentioned. The Assessor was a Nurse who had obviously had experience in Clinics and Hospitals.  She listened to what I was saying and even declined to ask me to do certain movements because she could hear the 'Cracks' from one of the joints. I was awarded the top rate in both groups and finally got my Blue Badge and then my much loved BLUEBELL who is a life saver and my means of getting out. People wonder with my disabilities I chose such a car. The truth is that it is low to the ground and by using my right forearm against the door pillar I can get in and out better than my previous car which was a Renault Clio.

Best wishes Phil


I can vouch for this site as I became a member when I was transferred from DLA to PIP.  Needless to say, without this site, I wouldn't have been able to complete the transition.  I highly recommend this site to anyone who has to rely on benefits to survive, not just applicants of PIP.  It's nice to see that someone else benefited also!


Thanks for your reply supporting such a site. I was not sure at first about recommending it as so easy for some critics out there (Not in our Site) to suggest the person recommending has some sort of connection. I came upon it completely by chance and it changed everything for me. It also taught me a different way of answering the complicated questions. Last time I filled in their questionnaire with about 6 lines to put your answers to each question in a 36 page booklet I managed, with help, to reply with a 50 sheet A4 size document complete with contents header sheet of everything enclosed. It was such a satisfying experience and along with a professional Nurse  who carried out the assessment for CAPITA gained the result I wanted. Good Luck to anyone who gives it a try.


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Hi Phil, I've filled in my pip form and just heard I've to attend a medical by atos we used the site you recommended for the form and it was a brilliant help. I did some research and found that no one has been in touch with my dr or hospital consultants or PTSD councillor I've had 1 weeks notice of this medical. Any advice you can give me would be a great help.

Hope you and bluebell are well and still enjoying each other




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