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brain still not right

i became unconscious on a Sunday evening and wasn't found until Monday afternoon apparently with vomit around my mouth and nostrils. later that day I was ventilated for 10 days. my question is "is it possible I have some brain damage?" (lack of oxygen) and how do I go about finding out? I have repeatedly told my gp that my brain doesn't 'feel' right, my personality has changed, my short term memory is very poor etc and I'm not as mentally quick as I used to be or sociable. its like one half of my brain no longer communicates with the other half. I'm not physically affected only mentally/intellectually. Most frustrating. This happened July 2014.

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Hi CrazyLiz,

You could ask your GP to refer you for a cognitive test, I had one after my wife told the psychologist we were seeing, after my 3 months stay in ICU 5 years ago, she was very worried that something was not quite right.

I had 5 hourly session doing various tests, which resulted in what was a shock to me when told, my communication skills were above average, but processing skills were below average and even worse my short term memory was very low and I wasn't even aware of it.

So if you are concerned do speak to your GP and push to be tested.


Thanks lucky one 😊. my gp did a test of which the result was 17 / 30 (?) and referred me to a 'memory clinic' - my support worker notified me of an appt which she accompanied me to only to be (embarrassingly on their part) told they can't find my details ha ha ha ha. so still waiting . . .


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