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Intensive care

I can't remember being in intensive care I had no nightmares dreams or anything I was only there for a week so maybe not long enough to experience any thing had asthma attack and stopped breathing saw pictures of myself otherwise would not have had any clue. I remember being woken up and felt every one was acting like on a film set not real at all very strange.

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It's nice to hear that you were spared the nightmares & hallucinations, often it's not the length of time but the drugs that you are treated with that can cause the nightmares, I to found it very strange waking up in ITU after nearly 8 weeks after being admitted, just before Christmas 2010, I remember being unable to speak as I had a tube strapped to my throat, a nurse standing by the bed told me I had been very ill and had had a tracheotomy to help me breathe, the strangest thing was hearing a radio playing and on the news they said Gary Moore a famous rock guitarist had died, I wasn't sure if it was real or just another dream, it was months later with it still bugging me that I search it Google to find it was true but at the time I thought everything was real.

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I was 32 days in ICU and I did have the second life going on in my head and all sorts of strange things. So in many ways it is a good thing that you do not have any memories I wish you a full recovery.

Be Well

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