Hospital air mattress vs the dreaded Foam mattress, WHAT WOULD YOU PREFER?

Hello. How are you today? I know this question is going to seem very very strange, but I have a question. Now my opinion and your opinions are two diferent opinions, so what will be stated is based upon my own opinion and what you would prefer is your own opinion. I want to express this prior to stating my opinion. My question for you is when you are in the Hospital, or when you were in the hospital, which mattresses were you more comfortable on in your hospital bed? There are several different kinds, but two of the most common are foam mattresses which have a surface that is made up of foam, and then there is an air filled surface and some air filled surfaces are connected to pumps that continuously keep the mattress filled and then alternate the areas where air is filled. Different parts of this kind of mattress will be filled for a certain amount of time, and then, they will be deflated and other parts on the air mattress will be filled. These are called Alternating Air mattresses. They use a pump. There are those that are connected to blowers that will intermittently will come on to keep the patiehnt comfortable, and prevent pressure points. These might be found ona bed such as the Hill-Rom Versacare Bed. There are those, and then there are the ones you might find inside the Intensive Care setting! These are connected to a blower as well, and these are capable of conducting therapies such as Something called CLRT. CLRT is short for CONTINUOUS LATERAL ROTATION THERAPY."

This is the continuous rotation of a patient from side to side <40 degrees. If the rotation were =>40 degrees, than this would be known as KINETIC THERAPY. These air mattress can also perform P&V! P&V is short for percussion And Vibration. this is used to help to bring up secretions in the lungs so that is can be brought up either by coughing, and/or suctioning, and/or use of a coughassist device/IPV device. An example of a bed that you might find these wonderful functions on is the Hill-Rom TotalCare SPORT critical care Bed. These air mattresses can do other things as well when programmed by the healthcare provider! I thought that I would give you a description of these air mattresses.

THE FOAM MATTRESSES are just simple and in my opinion "PROFOUNDLY UNCOMFoRTABLE, foam inside the mattress.

I am curious for those who have been on both, which surface did you perfer? Is you might already have guessed from my description, I MUCH PREFER THE AIR FILLED SURFACE. It is much more comfortable to me, and Its something that i would do better on. Thank you very much. I know this is a profoundly strange question, but I am just curious on your opinion.

I have NO CONFLICTS OF INTEREST with any of the companies that I have mentioned. Thank you, and may God's blessings be with you all.

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  • I spent most of my 6 week admission on a continuously moving air mattress! I have to admit that they are very strange to be on and I felt like I was at sea most of the time! In time I got used to it and I know I needed it to prevent pressure sores- in fact shortly after discharge I got a small pressure sore from normal bed. That being said I've Been on the foam ones before too and they aren't comply! Hope this helps!

  • MOST CERTAINLY, it does help me A LOT. You have no idea how much your reply means to me. I mean, no description exists to describe how much it has blessed me that you took the time to reply to this message! It is truely a blessing! Did the bed ever get set to vibrate/Percuss to help you clear your secretions?

  • I was on the full blown and varying mattress for most of my 32 days. I was in a laid back at an angle in a semi sitting position to stop me drowning. Once I was discharged from ICU and put on a general ward I felt like I was sleeping on the floor as it was just a standard bed.

  • I want you to know that your reply to my question means so much.When you were on the air mattress, did they ever use the Percussion and Vibration function that a lot of Critical Care beds have now days?

  • they set to wave effect and slight vibes

  • WOW. Thank you for your description. How often did they set it to vibrate slightly?

  • mot 100% sure was in and of coma for a chunk

  • OH. OK. I see.