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Hi there,I wonder if any one can help.we have at our support group,a man who was "Super fit " prior to being diagnosed with bowel cancer,he was operated on and had Chemo,a month later he started vomiting feacal matter and after 5 days was diagnosed with a blocked bowel,had a 9 hr op,colostomy,sedated for 2 days then had a heart attack,and went into renal failure,he then developed septoceamia ,caused by the ng tube ! He is home now but,suffers from extreme nausea,any one have any ideas for nausea ?

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I think we've all been hoping someone would reply to this with some helpful ideas, but no one has. So we can only send sympathy for this dreadful situation. Nausea is a horrible thing. The only thing that helped me a little was being distracted by something interesting on my laptop, which I always keep open beside me on my bed.


Thank you patchworker for your kind reply,sorry not to have responded sooner,but,have been away.It was worth a try ,to see if someone could help .


Hi, haven't logged in for a while and just read this post. I have gastro-duodenal Crohn's disease and when it's flaring up get intractable nausea and vomiting. I recently had a 6 week hospital admission inc 12 days in ICU so have tried most things. Prior to this and when I'm well -I'm normally super active running marathons and doing triathlon. In terms of drugs Ondansetron works best for me, you can get sublingual melts that just dissolve on the tongue. I often use in combination with cyclizine/domperidone. when I was hospitalised in Australia I was given small doses (0.5mg) sub-lingual lorazepam for intractable nausea which worked pretty well- not sure if it just chills you out more or if it actually reduces nausea!!! Other tips I have learnt along the way are to stick to cold food ( esp if the smell of food makes you more nauseous) and don't stick to rigid meal times- if you are hungry/not feeling sick that is the time to eat. Hope this helps, good luck


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