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Some sick twisted people in this world!!!

Sat in icu tonight and there was a women outside clearly distressed with her family a nurse let her in and she explained she had a phone call that her 19 yr old son was in a terrible accident and was in icu the nurse checked his name and said he wasn't there the women looked confused she must of called him as she then came back and said he was at home and fine she then fell to the floor crying! Poor women what sicko thinks that's a funny joke to play on someone.... I'm sure you'd agree you wouldn't wish it on your worst enemy!!... My good news after 3 weeks nearly jay was of sedation still very confused but he looked at me and I said I love u babe give me a wink if you love me to... And he did I know it's a small step but it ment the world to me!!:)

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I hope they were able to trace the call, poor woman could have died of shock, just goes to show the type of people we have in this country now


It beggers belief what some sick people will do for so called fun.

Glad to hear that your troubles are looking better.

Be Well


I read your letter last night, and just couldn't think of how to reply. What a horrific thing for that poor woman!

But your news is great, I'm so happy for you. I hope you get another wink today, maybe something more.


What a horrible thing to do.

But for you- what an amazing step with Jay! I remember when my husband first responded: I kissed him and he turned his head and puckered his lips looking for more kisses :D it's the BEST feeling in the world! Feels like there is hope, and you're on your way back to being together. Go Jay!!! Come on mate- you can so do it! :D

It wasn't a smooth recovery- we had steps forward and back- worst day was when my DH was disorientated and confused (turns out they gave him a drug he reacted to) but hang in there: you're on your way :D xxx

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Thankyou yeah I'm fully prepared for ups and downs now it's just the way it goes but yesterday was an amazing day I'm going back in an hour it's difficult to be there all the time as my 2 year old needs child care but I have some good friends and family so I'm lucky pray all is good today


That is wonderful new give him a kiss from me I no it's only a small step but he is on that ladder to getting stronger best wishes to all your family and staff xxxx


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