Transforming services using patient feedback

Hi I am currently doing a piece of academic work as part of my MSc. I would like to reduce the noise levels on ICU and have also been asked to join the group who are trying to do so across the whole hospital. Did you find noise a problem? What was the biggest cause? Have you any suggestions to have improved your stay?

Thank you for your help in advance


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Hi Alison, I am the Research Manager at ICUSteps and am concerned that you have posted your request in this forum. We would politely request that if you require any support/ input with your research/ academic work you contact us via the appropriate channels (the ICUSteps website) and I will contact you directly. This forum is for patient support. Many thanks.


I am so sorry, didn't mean to cause any intrusion. Apologies I didn't navigate the system properly.


I was in ICU for 3 wks in Jan 2013 with pneumonia - general ward noise was not a problem for me - my torture was "patient vitals alarms" which, once activated, never seemed to be reset / switched off.


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