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Hysterectomy 3 Months Post Opt - Nausea & Back Pain

Hi All, I'm new here and this is my first post. I'm here unfortunately due to problems immediately and 3 months post opt from a full hysterectomy but still have my ovaries.

Here I am 3 months after and still have severe and worsening nausea, back pain and all over body pain. I am on HRT and I see an Intergrative Dr. for that. I started seeing my Primary Dr. about the nausea about a week ago and she gave me prescription anti nausea meds and Prilosec which have done nothing to help that feeling. I also just had a CAT scan of my upper stomach and chest thinking I may have a Hiatal Hernia but I do not. That test came back normal and I am having 2 more tests next week. I started taking probiotics last week and eat plain yogurt every morning hoping it will settle my stomach but no such luck.

The sad part is I felt pretty good for a week or 2 right after my hysterectomy on Aug. 28 2018 but here I am almost 3 months later and I am in severe pain thru out my body and I have really bad back pain ( which I just had back surgery this year in Feb.). I am feeling very discouraged and suicidal many days because I can't do anything and my pain levels are so bad right now. I do have chronic pain but not like this for so long. I'm also fatigued and started having insomnia after my hysterectomy. I have many doctors that I see that have no idea why I am not feeling good and I absolutely hate when doctors and friends try to tell me it's all in my head or that it's anxiety or even worse that I'm depressed. I'm only depressed because of how I'm feeling physically.

I wake up every morning between 3 - 4 am and lay there until 5 -6 am because I'm so exhausted and can't even get up. When I get up I can hardly move and have to sit with a heating pad or ice on my back for a few hours before I'm able to get myself moving. I have had a few random 'good days' which had made me feel hopeful but most days I'm so sick to my stomach and my body is wracked with pain. I was feeling so alone in this because my husband doesn't understand and thinks I'm making this all up which is so hurtful.

I wanted to write hoping there maybe someone else who has had similar issues. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post and I look forward to hearing back for others !

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Hi Chowmom.

It sounds like youve had a tough year physically and mentally! Im sure the back op was hard enough without a hyster so soon after. 3 months is still quite early in your recovery so try not to be disheartened. the fatigue could be a few things : the anaesthetic wearing off still, due to lack of mobility post op, and a sign that your body is still healing. the sickness, joint pain, and insomnia could all be menopausal symptoms. when did you start hrt?

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Hi dawntildusk,

Thank you so much for replying and giving me a bit of hope.

I had been on HRT for 2 years but I had stopped about 2 months prior to my hysterectomy due to hemorrhaging and huge blood clots but was allowed to go back on it 2 weeks after surgery, thankfully. The back pain and nausea are debilitating and I'm not a baby usually. I'm on 3 meds for nausea and have been taking muscle relaxers and Ibuprofen for my back but it doesn't touch the pain.

I feel useless and I cant get moving in the mornings until 2 PM even though I wake up between 3-4 am .

I feel better knowing I'm not alone and others are having issues too but I'm afraid I'll never feel good again and be myself. I truly appreciate you writing, thank you again!

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No need to thank me. We are all here for each other!! how were your symptoms before stopping the hrt? i know its hard but try to get up and about as much as possible. it really will help you on your way to getting better.

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Yes, I do force myself to shower and take my dogs out, go food shopping, house work, etc. I'm just aggravated it takes me so long and so much effort to get moving. My husband doesn't acknowledge I'm not feeling well and I don't complain to him.

I had always been independent but I do not even know who I've become after this surgery. And I do appreciate your time, thank you.


i would say it took me around 6 months to get my energy level back to where it was before the op. unfortunately it cant be rushed and slow and steady wins the race as they say! how come u were on hrt before the hyster? were u on prostap or zoladex?


During menopause i got hypothyroidism so my hormones were crazy. I had awful fatigue so I reached and found an Intergrative Dr. and he adjusted my hormones which helped so much until I started bleeding badly with big clots and found out I had fibroids and polyps so I needed the full hysterectomy.

The sad part is one week after my surgery I felt great now wondering what happened ???


maybe your hrt needs adjusting or changing to a different type. i have heard of people mentioning menopause clinics. maybe worth looking into if theres one near u x

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Yes, thank you for your advice. I'll be having bloodwork in December to check my hormones again so maybe he can find something. I look forward to that appt.

I can't believe today I'm feeling a bit better! This last week was agony with the nausea , back and body pain. It felt like some type of flare up but why ? I know its related to my hysterectomy. Praying for more good than bad days. I can at least function today, yay !


ah glad youve felt a bit better today. lets hope you are turning a corner. we are always here if u need to talk x x


You have been so sweet and I am very thankful for you !

I'll post again, xxx


Chowmom08 hi there how are you feeling now?

Do you think your ovaries have maybe went into shock and the hrt dose that was sustaining you isnt quite covering you now your ovaries have went sluggish? Apparently it can happen post hysterectomy one or both can be traumatised so to speak.

Can you up the hrt to see if it makes any difference its the insomnia that led me to that conclusion as it can be a menopause symptom.

At 3 months post Hysterectomy it wd put me in bed for 2 whole days to hoover. I never made it ouside to walk for shopping trips til past 5 months, once at about 3 months again put me in bed two days that was just a 3 hour trip out around shops. I was suffering for it badly.

My abdomen really distended and swelled at 3 months and the effects of the CO2 gas still had me. I had shoulder and neck pain still at 3 months.

Anything strenous automatically made my belly feel like Id a weighted backpack strapped to my abdomen.

Are you on the peppermint tea? Great for gas and nausea.

Im a 39 year old who had a high fitness level pre Op.

I really really only got rid of swelly belly (the heavy dragging and distension, doreness in the evenings) post 6 months and I still have weight to loose at 8 months post Op.

I can say I feel very well healed internally.

I tried to paint (ok so I did it) my side fence 3 months post surgery and would end up feeling like Id been punched severely in the stomach.

My back pain is still persistent, so much so that Ive been put on Pregabalin (ive other issues 3 x bulging discs one annular tear) endometriosis of the bowel -

The pregabalin has really really taken the edge off, I take 2 x 75mg a day and supplement with Ibuprofen still.

Up untill I got this 2 weeks ago Ive felt suicidal, Ive lay praying to be delivered from the pain. I was literally at my wits end before the Pregabalin.

Its agreeing ok with me no strange side effects.

So, I truly know the courage its taken you to put pen to paper and write down about your health.

Im also on Fluoxetine anti depressant past 3 weeks its really stsrted helping me.

Wondering do you have endometriosis too?

Best Wishes



How are you in your recovery now?




Hi Helly,

Thank you for checking in ! I'm still having a lot of issues, my nausea has not gone away and I've been spending my life at Dr. appts., tests or at home. Still now well and I miss my old life :(

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Im so sorry to hear that.

Can I ask the reason you went for hysterectomy? and kept ovaries?


Im 13 months past total hysterectomy now and fear that flank/back pain Im experiencing is a return of my endometriosis.

I had experienced very bad nausea at one point and tests showed I had Helicobacter Pleuri which is a bacteria in the system. I was put on eradication treatment.

A good lady on here at one point and several times told me it was 2 years post hysterectomy before she felt more like her old self post hysterectomy. Some said a year and a half.

I know that seems long but really, I need something to give me hope, and strive to.

Im not functioning anywhere nearly as before, chronic fatigue and

Pain can be debilitating.

Im on Pregabalin for pain which is a very potent neauralgial pain reliever.

Im mourning my old life...with exercise. Ive started and stopped twice in the new year due to pain.

I can only hope as with you and I these tests etc can help us.

Have you been to have your hormone levels checked at a HRT clinic..

My GPs couldnt translate mine and yet the HRT clinic told me in January (I waited months on the appointment) that my Estrogen was very low.

Im worried your ovaries maybe went into shock post hysterectomy, it can happen, plus you may need a top up anyway depending on age, your readings etc.

Let me know how you are faring out with such things...

Best Wishes



Hi Helly,

I'm sorry for all your medical problems & pain but it seems that our problems are not that unusual post hysterectomy. Although, I have quite a few friends that haven't had any problems and must think I'm being a baby.

I had my hysterectomy due to hemorrhaging, blot clots, huge fibroids and some polyps so it was not a choice really. I was on HRT before my hysterectomy and I continued my HRT after as well. I see and Intergrative Dr. for all my hormone related issues as I am also hypothyroid to add to the mix.

I have had debilitating nausea, back pain and unrelenting insomnia since my hysterectomy. I have seen so many specialists since my surgery it's depressing that no one has been able to help me with any of these problems. I have a closet full of prescription medication as well as a ton of supplements I've spent a fortune on but nothing has helped. I'm having lots of tests with Gastro Dr. and I see my Intergrative Dr. this week to check my hormones again.

I use to be a very active person that was constantly working inside & outside my house but it seems those days are gone. I'm trying to be hopeful that some day I'll feel better. I wouldn't be surprised if my husband divorces me as I am not the same person I was and he expects a lot from me doing everything around the house.

I thank you for writing, no one really understands, not even me.

I hope you start getting some answers & feeling better soon. I mean even if we knew after a year we'd start feeling better it would be a light at the end of this tunnel ! I can't stay on the computer much any more, seems I also lost my concentration and can't focus on things any more.

Thank you so much Helly and keep me posted.

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I really think I understand where you are coming from as I too am mourning the life I used to lead and the active person I used to be. Im debilitated with pain tonight and nothing is touching it.

I feel ashamed of my incapacity and its definately having an effect on my marriage.

Ive had to sit my husband down and explain to him that I need help with very physical chores like hoovering and mopping floors.

He did very well initially but hectic work load means Im not getting the cleaning I wd expect or on the day I need it. Its very hard.

Feeling like a broken woman is not easy.

Ive actually been very upset looking at past photographs of myself, desiring to be able to work out and make the changes I need to physically.

Im in so much pain that even pelvic tilts and stretches are out of the question although I need to try often and help my weakened core post Op. Some of this pain could be mechanical so they say.

Seems like Im destined to fail as 2 attempts to start exercising again this year have ended up being halted due to severe pain.

I also find that I have concentration and memory issues aswell as some nausea; fatigue is huge, absolutely could sleep around the clock.

My thyroid was at the very bottom of the ranges in December for TSH and T4 if that's right but they wouldnt treat me as it was "still in range" being barely on the radar.

I might get retested again now you mention that.

Its diabolical.

Us women bleed like open wounds for most of our days then get a hysterectomy only for it NOT to fix our pain issues.

Life is still on hold.

I hope you at least get a little comfort in getting a chat with someone on the same page, as I do.

Im on very thin ice, emotionally, physically and its about to break my happy go lucky spirit too.

Debilitating pain sucks.

Best Wishes

Praying for a life line for us

Helly x


How are you this week chum?

Are you having any better a week?

Very very hard as no friends or family understand this disease and understand the pain and the limitations its causing us in life.

Im generally a very positive do'er type person and to have my mobility and my sanity tested like this is very very trying.

Keep in touch and if you ever want to private mail me Im here x




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