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7 months post op - HRT

Hi everyone. I had a TLH +BSO back in march for endometriosis, and also had excision from my bowel/bladder/ureter at the same time. I had 9 weeks on prostap without HRT prior to the surgery, then 13 weeks post op with no HRT before being started on tibolone which I have now been taking for just over 4 months.

I suppose I'm looking for some experiences regarding recovery and coping with surgical menopause, really. I have recovered from the surgery pretty well, I think. My bladder and bowel are still a bit unpredictable, but I don't have any incontinence. I am sexually active and that's all still working. I don't have any sex drive, but I'm managing that by ignoring it. My endo pain has gone (woohoo!) so from that point of view, the surgery has been successful.

But I'm just so tired :( A lot of my hair has fallen out, I've gained weight and cannot lose any no matter how hard I try, and my skin is collapsing. I saw someone yesterday that I haven't seen in a while and I could tell from her face that she was pretty shocked by my appearance. I'm trying so hard to just get on with my life and not let it get me down but it's difficult.

Will a change in HRT help? My GP wants me to persist with the tibolone for a bit longer because I have had a very intense 18 months of surgeries and drug treatments (surgeries in jan and nov last year and march this year, and last year I had a mirena, decapeptyl + tibolone, norethisterone, cerazette, and then back on prostap with no HRT) and she feels that what I need now is some stability of treatment, but I am still having hot flushes and sweats and my joints hurt, plus I am so swollen and fed up. I am also wondering about asking to be referred to a menopause clinic - has anyone done this and were they helpful?

Sometimes I feel like they cut out our ovaries and then just abandon us, and that's not right.

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I'm 12 weeks post TLH & BSO with endo excision too.

I had no drugs pre op or post op for 7 weeks, then consultant put me on HRT (Elleste Duet Conti). Been on them almost a month now, hot flushes are a bit less frequent in daytime and a lot less at night. It's not helping with insomnia though, but have been taking neuro rest and that really helps.

My hair is falling out less than before the op so it must be helping there.

I think your idea of menopause clinic is good, you can speak to specialists rather than GP and they might be able to advise you better. Big hugs, you're not alone xxxxx

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