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Failed hysteroscopy - now told need hysterectomy

Hi, I am new here, I need advise. I'm 48, have 3 children and I had an endometrial ablation 6 years ago and everything went well and have been period free since!! however 12 months ago I started to get the odd bit of spotting quite randomly but also sometimes after intercourse. GP referred me to Gynae, I have had colposcopy - result fine but said I had a 'spongy' cervix? , Ultrasound scan - polyp found and possible fibroid tissue and that led to last week when I went for hysteroscopy under GA - when I came round was told they couldn't access my womb as my cervix was fused shut and they couldn't get access. So this week I see Gynae consultant for follow up and was told the only option now is Hysterectomy, which she is referring me for URGENTLY, she suggests laparoscopic (however they may do the large cut if they encounter problems), and she suggests taking everything out including ovaries and cervix and then going on HRT for 3 years.

I'm really concerned as whether taking my ovaries and cervix is necessary. Albeit I do get very painful ovary twinge every month there is no family history of ovarian cancer. I also enjoy a fantastic sex life with my husband so don't want anything to affect it after the op - been told having my cervix removed will shorten my vagina and have read having it removed can stop you form orgasming also!! and I have no family history of cervical cancer either.

Really need some qualitative advise so I can make an informed decision of what to do.

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I had a failed hysteroscopy due to the neck of the womb being blocked. I was told it was probably a fibroid as I have fibroids on the outside of the womb. My gynaecologist said I would need a hysterectomy. As I was private I went for a second opinion with an endometriosis specialist as endo was also found at the same time during a laparoscopy. This time the hysteroscopy was successful and it turned out that the blockage was a benign polyp which was removed. Unfortunately I do still need a hysterectomy due to adenomyosis, fibroids and endometriosis. My surgeon will remove everything but will leave the ovaries. I know how you feel, I was totally confused which is why I went to a specialist for a second opinion.


My surgeon does the whole op using keyhole surgery and can't remember the last time he had to open someone up with a large incision. I am 48 and showing no sign of menopause and refuse to go on HRT. I was originally fast tracked as my symptoms all equalled possible cancer, but there is no family history. This was the reason for going for a second opinion as I wanted someone to look inside the womb and not give up due to a blockage. My first gynae is a general gynae, the second one is s BSGE approved specialist.


I had everything out 18 months ago. Despite it being laparoscopic, recovery has been difficult and drawn out due to complications such as a granuloma and adhesions, and I still have pain along the vagina cuff. However, I do still orgasm, you just need to make sure you use an oestrogen pessary plus lubricants - cannot recommend YES highly enough. Their products are fabulous and their waterbased lube is available on prescription. You also have to find news ways to climax which is fun! My consultant said I could be on oestrogen-only HRT until I was 70, which would be a good 20 years, so don't get fobbed off with just 3 years if it works for you. Prior to the op I was perimenopausal and having a hellish time of it; being in surgical menopause with HRT has made me feel normal again.

How ever the operation is done, it is major surgery and you are right to give it careful thought.


Hi , I had a ablation in December I have had no bleeding since just occasional spotting but constant severe pelvic pain so unable to maintain and sort of normal life since , slightly worse pain when I presume I ovulating or when I would be having period, I've been told to have hysterectomy as I have post ablation syndrome I also had adenomyosis , mild endometriosis and a couple of small fibroids before ablation .

Do you think that is why your being offered hysterectomy the issues caused by ablation ? Was it a novasure one? why did they say it is urgent if you don't mind me asking. I am having hysterectomy because of ablation and adenomyosis but the ablation and made the pain unbearable I am having my ovaries left but tubes taken and it done laparoscopy , I am 42 so I would maybe get a second opinion about having the ovaries taken in your case Are you starting to go through menopause anyway? also the cervix can be left after hysterectomy although I think it just a bit more tricky to do??? My friend is having a total hysterectomy for severe endo and adhesions keyhole and she is having her cervix shaved but left I think that's how they put it. Everyone's different obviously but maybe there is more options for you.


Well I am booked in for my surgery 24th May, Laparoscopic hysterectomy, removing EVERYTHING including cervix. God bless the NHS, they have got me in within 4 weeks of seeing the consultant after failed hysteroscopy. Got my Pre-Op next week, been told I will go into a surgical menopause immediately. I am nervous as to what I will be like post surgery and how the HRT will affect me but friends have said HRT (oestrogen only) is the BEST thing ever so fingers crossed .


Do these friends have endo? I have read many stories on here of women being in pain even after a total hysterectomy because of HRT.


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