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Hi everyone,

I am currently waiting to see a second gynaecologist to confirm I am of sound mind and body to request a hysterectomy. I can't wait for this to be done as it will end nearly 30 years of pain, misery and nightmare planning for holidays. After being told we would not be able to have children, the 2 other treatment options will not enable us to have children, but are not guaranteed to solve the problem like a hysterectomy will. Has anyone else had to fight and push for the procedure? I am 41 years old and know it is the right choice for me and my family.

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I suspect what you will find is most hysterectomy operations are performed tor other reasons I.e. Fibroids, polyps, ovarian cancer etc..... It is rare that anyone actually elects for one but you don't say why? A few years before I found my tumour I raised hysterectomy with GP because of heavy periods and I didn't want kids he said forget it. It is a massive operation even if you must have your womb out but of course other conditions mean you can get everything else out ovaries/tubes can have keyhole for a straightforward one as well. The op is usually reserved for necessary rather than elective cases. Hope you get on ok. I'd recommend the hysterectomy-association website for more info it's super helpful.

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Thank you for your comment. I have endometriosis, fibroids and polyps. Been to see the new consultant who wants to start his new tests and is refusing to discuss treatments other than the mirina coil and ablation. Taking anti-depressant, I do not want to have the coil and have heard many bad reports of ablation, including my mum who I take after with my periods. We have been told we can't have children because of the state of my womb! The joys of being a woman!!!

Take care


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