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So I had a full hysterectomy they took my uterus and cervix my Dr said that mt uterus was like a big sponge doing nothing but causing me to be in a lot of pain. Well 7 months later and pain is back I have suffered from ovarian cyst's since I was 13 I can't deal with the pain anymore I have tried birth control but I had bad reactions from everyone we tried come to find out 18 years later after trying so many of them I shouldn't have been taking any of them do to the type of migraines I have. But now my Dr want's me to get both ovaries taken out I'm only 31 is there anything else I can try . I am so tired of being in pain all the time and I have had five surgery's with in the last year and a half this will be number 6 because of removing cyst's and hysterectomy please help anything would sound better than another surgery. And what if I do get this done what will recovery be like and the hole menopause ?

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