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New yeas eve, isn,t it ?


Whats yours?

I have been thinking of what mine could be I have now decided.

I was bought me a calendar for christmas, shows the person hasn't seen me for years,though.always nice to get a present

If she knew me she would have realised that i need to buy one in the summer as its my brain.

Anyway I am going to try and be positive and try and write on it the things i am pleased about if i can think of any for the day. Such as remembering just as I leave the shop that I had left my credit card in that machine, but had remembered what I had done with it.

remembering where I had put my handbag and other things.that I have put in a different place.

Hope this makes sence my 90 year old neighbour has just popped round and asked me to look at her phone, gosh she is remembers my childrens names grandchildrens everything I am really quite jealous.

Got to get dressed

Any other new year resolutions ???

Love karen xx

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Karen you are obviously more sensible than I am, my New Years resolution is to have as much fun as I possibly can!!!

By nature I am not a worrier but a recent cancer scare as well as all the Hughes stuff certainly puts life into perspective.

Have a good one everyone




Good for you, I tried that over Christmas INR went up to 7.0 but life is too short to worry.

Enjoy Hope you have a good one too and that next year brings you everything you hope for this goes to everyone,

Love Karen xx


I had a PE at 35 weeks pregnant i have lupus and hughes and now have had another TIA, i'm sick of worrying constantly so my new year resolution is NOT TO WORRY AT ALL, i am here, i am alive, i may not be well but at 43yrs i had the greatest gift after four losses my precious little boy who is two now, so to put it bluntly lupus and hughes can sod off for a cause i'm not worrying about them for a while!, Happy New year fellow sufferers x x


Mine is participate in clinical trials when I can, finish my BSN, get the charity up to speed, further my nursing career, figure out where "home" is for me, enjoy my trip to UK and Europe, incorporate more physical activity in my life, be healthy and very happy, catch some fish, make a quilt, find an anticoagulant I can take without side effects and works, loosen up and stop worrying about things, NEVER take any prednisone or other steroids, have a torrid affair (or two!), and let those I care about and love know..... So many more...

about the finding stuff- i have to put things in the same place all the time or I am searching forever. So make it a priority to find a "home" for everything and that may help you tremendously. I know how anxious I get when I am trying to find something, so it helps to reduce anxiety! :)

Happy New Year to all!


Oooooo......I would like to manage my weight better....I do try....I hardly eat as it is!! but I plan to do better.

Also not be walked over so much & be more forceful if I don't agree with others....including doctors!

Most important....I'm planning on making a lot more awareness of this disorder in my area....I have tried by my website, stalls etc but now I'm going to go to the papers etc & set meetings this year for Hughies to come & chat in my area

All the best for a healthier new year xx


Start speaking French semi-regularly again (10 years ago i was fluent and now I can barely remember a thing!) - Sort out the house - be more tidy - stay out of hospital - always consider my happiness when making decisions (to stop put everyone else first, well, sometimes!) - and get that promotion.... Looks like 2012 is going to be a busy one!

Good luck all

Tx xx


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