Do you split your prescribed thinner in the AM and PM? If not, do you take it in the AM or PM? Thank You.

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  • I take a single dose a day, usually not long after dinner. I have a daily alarm set for 6.30pm (using my mobile). It means I rarely miss a dose and I am consistent with when I take the dose

  • I think you should ask your pharmacist. I know both Asprin and Warfarin should be taken after food and probably other blood thinners as well,

    Asprin usually am, warfarin pm don't know about the others,

  • This is the first time I hear warfarin must be taken on a full stomach. St. Mary's and all other doctors have mentioned, if I recall correctly, that it doesn't matter. And the warfarin leaflet doesn't mention this. Can you point me to some information on this, I don't want to be taking W the wrong way! :) (I always take it with empty stomach...)

  • I take mine all in one go, as advised by the dr at st Thomas who prescribed them. Surely you were told when and how to take them! And if not there are usually guidelines on the packet itself as a back up. You've given me a brilliant idea though. Because of my memory problems I can sometimes forget, but I'm now going to ask my hubby to set an alarm on my mobile to remind me to take my tablets in the future. So thank you for that, that's solved another issue.

  • Thanks for your reply. Yes I was told to take them in the evening because if they needed to adjust my dose it can be done that day. However I read where one patient said he takes half in the morning and half in PM and they felt better that way. So I thought I would ask everyone. I to will set my cell phone alarm. Take care.

  • Hi I used to take warfarin, and was always told to take it all at once on a full stomach, as warfarin could irritate the stomach lining. I was never told about splitting doses, so it came as a surprise to hear this. I am now in sinthrome, as my doctor at st Thomas feels it may be a better option of me to take, as warfarin wasn't really having an effect (even on 25mg daily). Again, I was told to take all in one go after dinner each evening, And also for the reasons surrounding dosage issues on the day of an inr test.

  • I take my aspirin in the morning and warfarin at night, both on a full stomach. Occasionally I have not been concentrating and accidentally taken a second dose of aspirin with the warfarin and found my heart races so I try not to do that but sometimes its hard to remember which tablets I take when.

    I also take my calcium, vitamin D and one dose of plaquenil in the morning as some vitamins can interact with warfarin and they suggest at least two hours in between

  • I find this very interesting as I have been on Warfarin for 40 years now and I have always taken it at bedtime. Nobody has ever suggested that I should take it on a full stomach - perhaps that is why I still feel so bad all the time. I also have been prescribed Vit D which I was told to take one in morning and one at bedtime - so I am taking the evening one with my Warfarin. I am sure things have changed now regarding how and when you should take these meds, especially as I take so many, but none of my recent GP's have ever bothered to check how I take them. I feel that is very lax on their part - this is my life they are playing about with so would appreciate any accurate info that anyone has been given recently about taking Warfarin.

    If it should be taken after food then yes, setting an alarm on your phone is a great idea.

  • at bedtime

  • I take mine in one dose, and at 7pm which I set an alarm for on my phone. I have an ap that helps you to set an alarm and for what medication. I also take Amitriptyline, which I take at 9pm, again I set an alarm for it to remind me to take it.

  • I take it all together at night. I write a list once a week and tick them off daily as i take it,that way i know ive taken them-im sure theres days when i have forgotten or taken double before i did this.







    Then i tick under the day for each one if this makes sense x

  • I take my in the morning with my breakfast. My nurses at the anti coag clinic prefer you to take in the evening, they recommend 6pm, but they are aware I take mine in the morning. I do it this way because I always have a breakfast, at approx the same time, where as my evening meal can differ from day to day. I have never been advised to take on an empty or full stomach.

  • I take my warfarin in the evening at any time from 6 to 10 as suggested by my local coagulation clinic nurse.However I was with Prof Hughes recently and mentioned that I suffer from fatigue more in the morning than evening and he suggested splitting the dose between the morning and evening?I have not tried this but it is an interesting option to see if my morning fatigue improves(however I would want it to improve at the expense of my evening well being!)

    My anti coagulation nurse did not suggest that warfarin had to be taken with food but simply that it should be taken at approximately the same time every day.

  • Sorry I alway thought Warfarin should be taken with the evening meal. I know it was in hospital

    Anyway just to say I don't eat any meal without having my pills ready to take, I never miss a meal. ! I keep them in one of the dossit boxes and not only does it help me to remember when I have to take them, but also reminds me when I have because their is no pills in that part of the box, saves a lot of worry.

  • I have taken mine in the evening at 7pm after eating a meal at 6pm for the last 15 years.

    When my Dad started to take it he took it mid-day but has now changed it to PM.

    My Partner says this makes sense as you are more likely to have a clotting episode when laying down and still all night.

    He is, annoyingly, usually right!! :)

  • Nobody ever told me when to take it, only to never ever to have cranberry juice.

    I take mine in a morning with my other stuff during my breakfast.

    I test my INR every other day when I get up and adjust my dose accordingly. I do not have an anti coagulation clinic to go to and my GPs have never discussed it with me. I have done this for nearly 9 years.

    I always eat breakfast at the same time but not tea and I may not be at home so would have to take the pills out daily just in case I ate out.

    I will stick with my way.

  • Cranberryjuice ? Never heard that grapefruit yes cranberry no ? Hmm, I was told always take it at night because its strongest after you first take it and when you sleep is when your less likely to notice any types of clots or pe's. it take 72 hrs to get through your liver . When testing your pt/INR it's a result of what you digested or activity from 3 days prior. This is what I was told . After reading these comments I'm confused , more now that ever. Hemo appoint wens, let ya know what he says

    Thank you


  • I didn't know I couldn't have cranberry juice until just a few weeks ago when picking up a prescription not at my normal chemist. It was the chemist who said you won't drink cranberry juice with this will you. I was quite amazed because I have been on Warfarin for 40 years and nobody has ever mentioned it before. I did ask why not and was just told it doesn't go with warfarin???

  • Hi, I was told to take my Warfarin, three blues , between 5pm and 6pm. So I set my mobile phone to 5.30pm. and then I always remember to take it.

  • Does anyone else take Vitamin D tablets? I take one Colecalciferol 20,000 International Units once a week and have done for two years. I believe this strength is not available except on prescription. Indeed, it was only last year that it was avaliable from your GP, the year before I had to get it from hospital. Is there a link between Vitamin D deficiency and Hughes?

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