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Do you have LOW Platelets or does your platelets BOUNCE low to normal?


On this past Wednesday the doctor had blood drawn for a CBC and my platelets were low at 47. So more was drawn on Friday for a re-check. My platelets bounce around anywhere from 68 to 215. I was dx with thrombocytopenia, AKA low platelets, a few years ago. I have no explanation as to the true root of this issue other than it can be a symptom of APS from what I understand. I just started a blood thinner on Friday. Thank you for your input!

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Yes, always. Mine tend to be around 125 usually.


Mine vary between 80-120. My condition is known as ITP (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Pupura). Currently, I take 5 mg daily of Prednisone.

20-25% of patients with Hughes syndrome have low platelets. It is one of the manifestations of the disease. In most, it is mild, eg 75-150, but occasionally it is more severe.

Yes, mine is now 20 down from its usual 35. I have ITP and now awaiting confirmation of APS. No meds yet but have appointment with specialist at end of month.

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I'm not a doctor, but 20 actually seems critical! Check with your doctor right away. Anything here in the US I believe under 50 is watched closely. 20, I think you would be in ER.

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No they are not concerned unless it goes under 10. I've been 30 for years and until recently it hasn't moved but has now dropped to 20. Am waiting to hear from hospital about having antibodies infused - but NHS here is in such a turmoil things take forever. Seeing doctor this week, and retaking blood test end of month, fingers crossed it rises !!

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