GETTING READY FOR THE NEXT SURGERY - { OOPS CAPITOL LETTERS }, 1 st one went good , no infection, healing very good, so 2 nd one can go forward- . spentmost of last week running around getting paper work sent here and there- clean bill of health from 1st surgeon :-)-- that paper work in place . { horray ] haven't heard of any blood work as of yet . they will probably waite till the last minute like last years deal. hope to get 2 more sessions in with my trainer -{ THE BOSS} in dry gym - and pool after- down 10 lbs - 1 1/2 inches off stomach measured at navel -- chest 1 3/4 inches- building muscle mass back and this is really surprising the BOSS- at my ae ????she is really surprised i have done so well , i am there 5 days a week swimming 3/4 mile -aqua exercises- got caught by the BOSS doing to many reps[OOPS } she didn't beat me to bad she has been talking to DC. Megan alot {they both are all over me ] they are just afraid i will re-injure my self -and i am pushing the envelope and i know it . so i take the lashes.she the BOSS is very proud and said i''m making her look real good in the Dc's eyes.but i had better not re-injure . i found out she has crohn's total liquid diet - so i have been looking up the literature. i like her alot -she how ever is still getting use to me , {GO FIGURE }. don't know how long i will be laid up after wednesday ??????????? . if i can lose as much as possible in the next 2 days, than thats all i can do ..gotta go to Leb for this one hour and15 min. away.gotta a feeling this is not going to be a out pateint surgery like they had planned on . one of the nurses kinda hinted that to me . go off love -nox tuesday morning - no love-nox morning of ---- not quite sure just what type of anesthesia is going to be used ????? will find out tuesday afternoon when they call me with the master plan i guess. ---- strenght trained flipper-- soon to be de-finned !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • WOW.. The bionic man springs to mind or entry to some sort of Iron Man contest. Good on you, this is all coming along a treat. I look forward to the next installment. Lots of good wishes for more speedy recovery... going going going GONE! Mary F x

  • Jet you are an inspiration to us all!!! Here's hoping for a speeding recovery. Love from here InSpain xxx

  • Hope everything, including your pool tine, continues to go swimmingly!

  • Thinking of you Jet! As long as they don't find a fin when they are in there delving around I think you should be fine :-D

  • Hi hon,

    Good luck for Wednesday, thinking of you, the witches are with you!!! :-)

    Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxx :-) :-) :-)

    Hang on to them fins, no way of crossing the Atlantic without em!!! :-) :-) :-)

  • Thanks all - going to print these replys and take them to THE BOSS she is going to love them she is a ticket . I'll let you guys know how it coes --- -- will have FINS today YAHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! though maybe not tomorrow----------------- thanks again :-) FLIPPER

  • O well good session with the boss today:-)-- going to miss her -- she leaves me the 29 th to go to colorado- i don't know if i mentioned she also is a competiton snow board instuctor- 5 of her students from N.H. are in the U.S,A, finals . so she is leaving me to go there {DARN }-- O-WELL ALL THOUGH SHE SAID I CAN CALL HER -I WILL MISS HER--got a new gal ; one of my friends wife to try to teach me to use this computer better????? {boy is that going to be a task!!!!!!!!!} aint nobody wanting that job??? she looked at this comp. and said { WHAT A MESS ????} every thing is there i told her -- just a shake of the head was the reply :-( .o well tomorrow last day post op . waiting for a call from surgical people for last instructions .still a lot of unanswered questions- but lets see what tomorrow brings . Mary the{ Gustarpo} - made my list of things to bring to LEB.Boy she remembered everything. i think i will just send the list and hide somewhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just don't know what the plan is yet ---- Jess E mailed me and asked -- WHATS THE PLAN GOING TO BE ?? right now no answers for her {god love her}- checked with all the pubs tonight -- no answers there either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! didn't set well with the GASTARPO. O well can't please every one all the time.well it's time to try the sleeping thing- i think i'll try counting sheep. bedroom small can't have to many sheep in there- good thing i have only ten fingers and ten toes- anything over that??????????????????. will get back tommow when i get the call--------sleep tight my little ones--------------still flipper thru tomorrow-------------------------------- me

  • OOOOPs LAST message should read --last day PRE OP -- not post op-- just another brain cramp . having lots of those :-)-----------------just confused - bad spelling----i think Sheena listed all my names ---- jet

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