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Inr still too low need advice

My inr range is 3-4. since last Tuesday my inr has been too low. It's was 2.2 last Tuesday and I increased warfarin. It went back up but this week its gone to 2.2 Monday then 2.6 Tuesday Wednesday Thursday then 2.9 last night. I have taken 10mg daily for 5 days to try and get it back up but it has gone down to 2.7 don't know what to do as already taking the loading dose and clexane. I'm away from my clinic so can't just pop in :-( any advice?

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You might need to keep a food and medication diary, including any herbal remedies and vitamin supplements to see if anything there is affecting your INR. So many things affect it so it really is a rollercoaster.

I can feel mine is ls starting to dip at the moment as I am twitching.


I agree with Tassie.

My haematologist always made the point that it is the INR figure that is important not the amount of Warfarin that it takes to acheive it. So many things affect Warfarin metabolism and therefore INR that people vary enormously in the dose that they require.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes.



At between 2.7 and 2.9 you are getting there slowly so don't be too hard on yourself. Watch your diet and remember that there is a drag affect on the warfarin dose so perhaps by the time you next test you will have climbed back up again to nearly 3. The most important thing s not so much the numbers but how you feel. If your INR is a point or two down but your symptoms have not changed than I would not worry too much. X


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