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Is there any reason why professor Hughes would not make an appointment @ the lupus center? Freaking out waiting

I am freaking out waiting for Professor Hughes to review my medical report for an appointment. I have had such a bad time from other drs., being ignored, being told they wish they had time to figure out what was wrong with me, or just throwing the MS dx on me even though I don't have a lot of the symptoms. I am so afraid he won't see me. It's crazy for me to think that because I have had a PE in 1978, 3 miscarriages between 16-20 weeks, 2 pos. IgG in 1994, MS like symptoms, headaches, grape rash, my inr is .9, and seronegative blood test now. I feel like that because the neurologist told me anticardiolipin antibody went away, since I haven't had a recent blood clot & the test is neg. I didn't know what to send the clinic so I sent the neurologist exam, blood test results, & a report from my husband who is a dr. Should I be worried that he won't give me an appointment? The neurologist report says she is not sure what is going on because the lesion is small & to anterior for MS. I just don't know we're to go if Prof. Hughes doesn't see me. I hope I am worrying for nothing. It has been 3 days & I haven't heard from them. I feel desperate. Did anyone else feel like me? How long does it take before they get back to you?

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Prof Hughes is always booked up well in advance.

Give them a call and speak to Kim, who makes the appointments, she is great.

Best wishes.



Don't worry it would never be that he won't see you. Sometimes communication is bad but he does have a long list.

You need, as Dave says to ring up the Lupus Centre at London Bridge hospital and ask to speak to his secretary. Self referral is easy and you do not need to provide evidence at this stage. She will tell you when he has a place on his list.

Unless he has a cancellation I think he is booked for 3-6 months in advance.

The sooner you ring and get on the list the better.


Yes as has been said above it is not that you will not get an appointment but more when it will be. You do need to call the London Bridge Hospital however on 0207 234 2155 and press the option for making an appointment.

The fact that you have sent him your notes will be very helpful. You may be very lucky and get a cancellation but they are few and far between. So you could make an appointment for the next available probably July and then ask to be put on the cancellation list. But dont worry you WILL get seen. x


Also if you are facing a long wait you could see Professor Khamashta. He has worked closely with Professor Hughes for over twenty years andyou are likely to get an earlier. Appointment. They are in a different league to the doctors y.our will have dealt with before .They understand the condition so well and they understand what patients go through with doctors who don't take them seriously. All the best Ann


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