Do viruses cause you to flare?

I'm really struggling with loads of pain and really bad fatigue. I think I might be fighting off a virus that the kids have got. It always seems to be this way - I don't necessarily have the symptoms that they have, but just ache loads as if I have really bad flu, and am really tired. This time I feel worse than ever.

Do others get like this when fighting off bugs? Feeling rather sorry for myself today :(

Susie x

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  • Hi Susie, yes I am exactly the same! Last time was a few weeks ago after I flew back home from the UK. Same thing, aches and pains and that terrible dragging exhaustion. Dx

  • If you are not on warfarin then Co Q10 is a very good supplement to help too. I recommend Lamberts or Solgars and to take 200mg a day with food. It may help to lift your fatigue and give you a bit of a boost.

  • Everything of mine flares as I react to virus.. quite foul! Mary F x

  • I am on my third cold since Christmas and am really struggling. Have been feeling very tired with low energy. I keep telling myself that "this is only a cold!" but feeling really rough. :(

  • So is it worth us having the flu & pneumo jabs then do you think? I've had bronchitis for the whole of this winter and I had it the whole of last winter too. Hoping things improve as my littlest gets older and brings less bugs home!

  • Take this with a whole box of salt because I do not remember where I got this info: that the flu shot will not aggravate lupus/APLS patient immune systems, but the pneumonia shot may. Please feel free for anyone to annotate or correct this info.

  • All I can add is that my GP recommended to me to have both jabs this winter and I did not have any adverse reactions to either. Just experiencing first cold/chest infection so have done quite well so far....(said very very quietly as dont want to tempt fate!) :-)

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