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I would be interested in people's experiences of nose bleeds when on warfarin.I was on clexane for 9 months without a single nose bleed but since switching to warfarin seven months ago I am having an increasing frequency of nose bleeds.My INR is set at 3-4 and last week I had a nose bleed when my INR was 5.1(unsurprisingly!) but I have just had another bleed with my INR at 4.1(more or less within my range) and the latest bleed was the fifth in around a two month period.I imagine my next step is to talk to St T's who I am under but would welcome any comments from anyone regarding their warfarin experiences.The nose bleeds seem to be the only bleeds I am having.

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  • Hi there, I am not on wafarin...however experienced serious nose bleeds when pregnant on fragmin... however you do need to bring it up with St T's.. and other people have had this issues.. I have read it on here. but they will answer you more specifically and from personal experience. Mary F x

  • Yes, Steve, I certainly had nose bleeds last time I was on warfarin. And my gums bled when cleaning my teeth. And I bruised at a glance. But ... oddly ... the first time I was on warfarin years ago, I didn't have any of these problems. Don't know/can't remember what my INRs were on either occasion, mind. Perhaps I just didn't really need warfarin the second time.

    Anyhow, as MaryF said, you're not alone in experiencing nose bleeds and it does need discussion with your docs. Good luck.

  • Nose bleeds may mean your INR target is too high for you. If I get a bloody nose or bleeding gums I need to get my INR checked and usually the Warfrin is reduced for awhile.


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