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My nose, ears, and cheek area often turn bright red. Also my chest, and neck turn splotchy red. All of this happens when I am sick, tired, angry, hot, anxious or have cried. People always ask what's wrong with me. Does anyone else have this issue or know why it happens and what I can do about it? I often present to educators or have to hold my own in an intense meeting at work. It makes me look incompetent.

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  • Hi there I also get red and blotchy the iller I am, but have recently passed a Lupus test as well, do you just have Hughes or a mix of things?

    Mary F x

  • So far I only have Hughes. My first appointment with a hematologist will occur later this month. I recently saw a neurologist for numbness he ran some tests a then told me to see a hemotologist. Thank you for your response.

  • it will happen to me in the shower or in bright hot sun --- also eyes get blood shot-----------jet

  • Yes, I get this in the shower and the sun as well. I recently moved into a smaller office at work because my original office has a window to the outside. I am trying desperately to get this under control. It seems to get more intense with age. Thank you for sharing.

  • Hello there, What you are describing is a reaction of the autonomic system, in other words your body acting automatically to deal with a stressful situation.

    Unfortunately some of us are more sensitive than others and this results in what you describe so very well. I myself fall into the same boat and I know its very frustrating especially when you know that other colleagues are just as stressed but look as cool as a cucumber.

    i think you are going to have to look at this practically and accept that this is how your body reacts. The more you stress over it the more likely it will happen and worse it will be.

    If you do a lot of presenting I would suggest doing some presentation courses to give ourself more confidence. Adrenaline does always make for a better performance they say! You can take precautions by wearing higher necked outfits or a scarf and also go along to your nearest department store and get a good quality makeup lesson with a good base with camouflage make up which will hide the blotches when they come up. Once you know that all these things are not on show Im sure you will relax more.

    When not in public Im afraid you may well just have to accept and just know that this is how your body reacts when under pressure. I hope that helps x

    Good Luck!

  • APsnotFab, thank you for this information. I think the sooner I really come to terms with it the better I will be able to manage. I will try the make-up trick and the rest of your advise as well. I really appreciate your feedback.

  • Its my pleasure, its something I too have had to learn to deal with so I know what you are going through. Having worked in TV makeup it has helped me as I know the tricks of the trade. :-) If its particularly bad the red cross do a course for camouflage makeup. Here is a link.

  • Thank you so much I will look into the camouflage makeup.

  • hay- i know of alot of you have had some of these problems for a while------- i had not had them till i had a wasp sting that landed me in the er . since then is when my troubles started.the sun and the shower thing began.i have been on a steady decline since. i asked my doc's was there a reason for this or was it a result of the sting. i got the answer of we have never had a person like you so it's hard to say ???? regaurdless i still have this problems i just have to hook up the reality that i'm geting worse.i'm not a young man and have had a good far-- time will tell.i'm donating my blood to research so in hopes it will help to try to get some answers. im told my blood is rear so in hopes it will help our cause.we are a strange bunch us sludge bloods.we can only hope that in the future they can come up with some help for us and those who follow. till then we go on with our lifes- we have each other - our loved ones. god bless you all ---------------------------------jet

  • jetjetjet, I didn't realize one could donate their blood. What a great idea! It is so wonderful to be a part of such a caring and open community. Remain hopeful and without fear. Thank you for sharing.

  • Hello, I get all blotchy on my neck and face when I'm hot, agitated, angry, stressed or sometimes just for no reason! I didn't even consider this as part of my illness as I have always had it. I just assumed I am one of those people who can't tell lies!! Yes it is embarrassing how harrassed I look when it happens, but I just tend to wear high neck tops to hide the flushed blotchy chest and that deals with the worst of it! Hope you find a trick to hide it, as for me I'm not too bothered! X

  • Hi -Yes I have exactly this ! I have now been diagnosed with Roseacea and all the doctors say it has nothing to do with Hughes but they are wrong ! It has a definite corrolation with any flares to the extent that people at work always ask if i am feeling ok 'because you have that red thing again'. On top of that even when well I get the flushing as a reaction to quite small amounts of emotion - just having a strong opinion or speaking in a meeting can have an effect and it is very frustrating as like you i feel people think i am anxious or not very competent in meetings ! It has actually got a bit better by daily use of a moisturiser from the US (quite expensive but worth it for the difference it has made to my life). Can let you know if you email me privately. All the best


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