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Post menapausal bleeding

Has anyone had this whilst on warfarin? I get the odd spot sometimes if my inr is too high, but not always. But I've had some mild bleeding for close on three weeks even though my inr has not been high all the time. I was investigated about 5 yrs ago in my,mid fifties and my doctor has referred me for a hysteroscopy which I am having tomorrow. Last time showed nothing so am hoping I will be ok.

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Good Luck for tomorrow, I know you will be fine. I had a full radical hysterectomy in 95 with no complications due to Endometriosis. They found a few Fibroids too at the time but I felt sooo much better after it and was able to do so much more. After 6 weeks was walking 5 miles a day and was never fitter. Unfortunately they didnt know about my APS - ignorance is bliss perhaps but I did have a very good gyny.

Kay Thackery's book covers this topic called "More Sticky Blood" when she describes when she had a Hysterectomy due to bleeding.

So dont worry, think of tomorrow as the first day of a new you. xx


Thanks. Fortunately turned out like the last time - all seems fine and no apparent reason for the bleed. Feeling sore and exhausted! X


Good luck for tomorrow. Don't forget to metion at your consultation that you take warfarin before they start the proceedure will you? xxx


Thanks x


Good luck for tomorrow i have had two procedures now investigating similar history to your's both times they kept me on warfarin - phew! I am perimenopausal went through hot flushes, palpatations with high follicle stimulating hormone levels and now i am back to having regular periods every 3 weeks, bloating, unable to loss weight and i feel so sluggish inside - this has happened before to me then it was as thought a switch was turned back on and i once again was able to maintain a steady wt loss following slimming world had more energy etc

life being a woman is not easy is it ;-) kathy xx


Same as last time - nothing to explain the bleed. I started the menopause when I was 41 and ended up on HRT as I was so unwell for two weeks out of three and it did help a lot. You are so right about being a woman not easy. X


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