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feeling nauseas

I was diagnosed with hughes syndrome in may this year. I have been suffering with feeling nauseas lately. I have had a bareium meal and an endoscopy done which were both clear. I have also lost 16lb in weight without even dieting due to this nausea feeling. Is this likely to be do with hughes syndrome? i would be grateful if somebody could answer this question.

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Sorry you are feeling so well, firstly do you have any other conditions around this one, and do you have any headaches or balance problems/dizziness as this can cause a feeling of nausea? I am sure lot of people on here will be able to come up with some good information and advice for you. Hope you feel better soon Mary F x


The last week I have been feeling nauseous, and explained to one of my consultants (Hept) and he said it could be with the APS whereby blood is not flowing properly to stomach. I was getting same symptoms when he diagnosed me with ulcers last year. I have noticed that whenever I eat straightaway, I get these pains in my tummy. However I have been feeling dizzy, headaches etc, I have been trying to see if any of my medication is the cause of these dizziness etc, so with the guidance of consultant taking them at night. I cannot understand why I feel like this as since starting warfarin the problems increased.


Tummy bug, eaten something you should not have eaten? Pregnancy?

These could cause nausea. What about side effects of medication you are on?

Just not eating enough can make me feel nauseous. Also I have severe travel sickness, even in a front seat of the car.

Definitely go back to the doctor about it.


Hi Bev,

how are you feeling now ?


Hi, I see you are not far from where i live. Are you under North Yorkshire Trust, for your care? I go to St Thomas's in London,as around here there are not many docs and consultants who are up to date around here. Not sure if your nausea has improved, as it's a while since you wrote this. If not try eating little and often. Ginger biscuits help with nausea. It could be klinked with headaches or migraines. Your Doc could prescribe anti- emetics eg anti sickness medication.


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