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eye twitching driving me mad!

Hi all - the eye twitching has been going on constantly now for 10 days - i dont think others can see it thank god, though sometimes if i look in a mirror i can see it. Ive also had a day where my neck spasms were really bad and a friend was round and it was really embarassing, my head just kept twitching really quickly. I had really bad pain in the left side of my face for days to the point where i just cried with it,it gets really depressing.It always seems to be the left side of my face, but the muscle twitching can happen anywhere - its like a little bug is running through your body and keeps popping up in different places! Does anybody know if plaquenil helps with the twitching and nervous system side of APS, I might get started on some sooner if it does - I take pregabilin and it does helpw ith the pain, but the twitching is getting worse - thanks all sorry to moan, in general I feel great this week - but the pain is bad,even my wrists hurt enough to make me wail!!xx

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Sorry you are feeling so bad, its so annoying to have these things when everything else seems to be going reasonably well. Ive had the eye twitching now for some time and have just given up trying to find something to deal with it. I dont think plaquenil helps with twitching but If it continues you should speak to your GP as they may be able to adjust your other meds. x


I have involuntary muscle spasms which effect my right eye, neck and right arm. dx by neurologist along with essential tremor. iam currently trying to find out what the severe pain i get in my face and eyes is tried amitrypline as rheumy thought it was nerve pain but that didnt help. it feels like the pain you get with raynauds when the blood returns to your hands/feet but alot more severe. Havnt found anything that stops the twitching sorry

sharon xx


I've no answer, but just wanted too add that I get eye twitching ...but it comes and goes, and when I asked my optician she said she could not see anything and dimissed it as stress!?... Always my left eye. I totally get the " bug running about" ...drives you mad!! Sarahx


Thanks all x


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