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Aps with muscle twitching and a link to covid jab

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hi so I was just wondering if any one here with aps has ever had on going muscle twitches all over their body like in the legs, arms , torso and litrally every other body part .

so I had the 3rd covid jab october 2021 and in the December this twitching all over my body started and has not stopped ever since. Some days are better than others but it never goes .

does any body have any insight to what could be happening or if any one else has suffered this .

many thanks in advance to any one who may answer this :) .

6 Replies
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Hi, I used to have bad twitching phases, often affected one eye or one leg, since treating my B12 deficiency, this all went away, so worth ruling out and also understanding that the test parameters for deciding if your B12 is high enough is set quite low, however clues like low Folate and also high Homocysteine can be a sign, so worth ruling it in or out. MaryF

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I have had severe muscle spasms not quite the same don’t put up with it their are medicines that can help

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I've had muscle twitching for about 3 yrs now and just been diagnosed with aps. I've always questioned why this happens. I've also got pots syndrome so I don't know if its from that. Im all good with my blood works I.e b12 etc. Do you find it worse when you've been more active. The more active I am its goes crazy, mainly in legs and arms. Dont get it in my face, only when I started taking midodrine for pots and I had to stop taking it as it was so bad my whole body was going.

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I had annoying but not serious twitching from childhood until a doctor asked me to add magnesium supplements to my diet to see if that would help my a fib. It did, but also the occasional twitching disappeared. so..., I agree with Mary's take: you may be deficient in a vitamin or mineral that your nervous system needs. I will point out that today's factory farms rarely rotate crops. This means that the veggies we rely on to provide all we need in our diets, can not provide. The soil is depleted.

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Hi, so sorry you’re dealing with this. I had muscle twitching everywhere (including my tongue!) for months but this was many years ago before I was diagnosed with APS. And before the pandemic. I went through needle muscle and nerve tests without finding a cause. However, my neurologist was wise enough to consider all symptoms at the time and concerned this was systemic, ran full blood work.

My ANA which had been a low positive much of my adult life had skyrocketed and a cardiolipin also on higher end. No lupus. After a few months the twitching just stopped. Though I was placed on magnesium for about a month.

I was referred to rheumatology, but my diagnosis came years later, early in the pandemic, after I had sudden pneumonia, and possibly Covid which hematology believes that possibly activated the APS. After recovering from pneumonia, I had an onslaught of other issues and ended up in the hospital for a week. Since I hadn’t traveled and wasn’t knowingly exposed to anyone with Covid, they didn’t test.

I’ve had Pfizer shots and boosters and don’t seem to be having any lingering issues but 2nd shot and first booster knocked me out for days. Including a week of palpitations. 2nd/3rd boosters were easy with couple days moderate effects.

I don’t know if this helps you with anything but I thought I would share my experience. If you have any questions let me know. Good luck.

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not due to vaccine- but possibly neuropathy. My mom had this in places off and on also. ( died in 1996.) also APS.

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