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Any understanding doctors in the West Mids?

Because St Thomas's discharged me immediately on diagnosis, I'm going to go and see Prof K privately, but I assume it would be a good idea to have a consultant locally who my GP can refer to on an ongoing basis. I've seen the haematology team in Coventry in the past and it was them that failed to pick up on a positive lupus anticoagulant test I had, so I really don't want to go back there! I live in Rugby - just wondering if anyone can recommend anyone else nearish.


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Can you email Kate at HSF and she will look at the names she has on the list compiled so far to see if there is anyone in that area or at least the nearest to you.


Thanks very much :)


Hello,i live in south birmingham and have just been discharged from prof gordons clinic because my APS has not progressed into lupus,then refered to a reume dr at qe hospital due to lots of bad pain issues,he decieded there was nothing he could do for me as im still under prof hunt at london,i wish the doctors could be honest and admit they know very little about the condition and they are to scared to do anything due to theire lack of knowledge,ive been reduced to once a year at london from what ive heard will prob be discharged from theire as well!it s almost like 8 years ago trying to get a diagnoses and no one belives theres anything wrong with you!o sorry about my rant,sorry just meant to say if you find a doctor round here could you let me know please,good luck and best wishes x


DR Khashmata works closely with Proffessor Gordon at the lupus Ctr at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. Ensure that you see her though and check before you go that you are actually seeing her - I saw a colleague of hers instead and they missed a diagnosis and i was sent back round the system for another year, but he does speak highly of her, good luckx


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