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Inr gone potty...or is that just me?!!

Inr gone potty...or is that just me?!!

As you may or not know...or forgotten!!! :)

My inr was 3.2, then 2.3, then 2.0, then went up to 2.5 & I thought's creaping up at last! :)

Nope...I had an inr test's back down to 2.0!!!! :(

I havn' done, ate, drank anythink different, don't get it ??!!!

I was convincing myself it was still going up even though I felt like 'POO' for the last 2 weeks, I thought perhaps it was because I had a cold....but now I know it was because of the low inr....again :(

I keep getting shivers in my head, skull, 'freeze' spots on my face, numbness of fingers, right side aching more, more ( if thats possible!! ) wobbly & dopey!

I'm wondering if they may ask me to take something else as well or insead of in the end if it doesn't start stabilizing?

I thought that after 10 years it would have settled down by now!!

Thinking of drinking lots of Baileys to help it at this rate!!! :) :)

I just went in the kitchen to tell hubby dinner was ready....then I saw the cottage pie still on the side!! I'd switched the oven on...but forgot to put it in!! Luckly Salem the cat wasn't in!!

Take care all & keep warm :) xx

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Hi sue

maybe its time for heparin to try stabilize inr. Cold would impact inr too. Another Hughes moment with dinner then.

Oh dear hon!! Hope you feeling bit better tonight!!

Take care gentle hugs sheena xxxxxxxx :-) :-) :-)


Yep....I'm sure they'll think of something eventually, hopefully soon I keep getting cold shivers & pins & needles in my right side :( don't like!

Think it's always a Hughes day in our house!!

Take care yourself, hope to see you soon xx :) xx



Join the club my INR just does not stabalise and it is really a pain in the butt over the last few weeks i have been 1.9, 2.8, 8.8, 3.1, 2.2 so frustrating when i asked the blood nurse she said some people just have INRSW that fluctuate well great!!!!

sorry the only thing another hughes person suggested to me so ill give you the same advice drink lots of wine and little broccli lol



Oh no....we in another club again!!

I remember when it was just mods & rocker's!!

Now it's low inr club, high inr club, migraine club, wobbles over club....who knows what else :) !!!

It is very frustrating Paddy :( I'm worried of what could happen whilst we're low!

Yep the wine, Baileys & Tia Maria idea!!!

Take care :)


Hi Suzy.

It is really difficult but i find if i get the really bad wobbles and doc not listening i will drink half a bottle of wine as this seams to give me a spike so i can then get it up. I just not sure what the answer is.

NOTICE to all reading this is not medical advice and if you on drugs may interact


Seriously maybe you can look at diet etc that was a suggestion i was given i think some peopls inrs are like roller coasters if there is a better way would love to hear it as well.



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