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UPDATES on blind spots in your vision

Just found out that my inr was 1.6 which is the lowest its been for a long time. The reason for this must have been that I stopped taking cocodamol and omeprazole due to having a scheduled colonoscopy and ogd, (which didn't happen - which is another story). Anyways, I have been to my optician, who being cautious advised my GP, who referred my to outpatients opthalmologist on 21/11/11. I will keep you all updated on the outcome but think that my blind spots are just to my inr being very low. Thanks for all your support, hugs n stuff, Heather xx

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Hi Heather

sounds like inr could be cause. Glad you seeing opthamologist get checked out.

Frightening the effect dropping or adding meds makes to our inr's.

Good luck with your appointment.

Hope you feeling ok today.

Take care gentle hugs sheena xxxxx jessielou xxxx :-) :-) :-)


Hi Heather,

I had an eye test last week. I have to go back again in a couple of weeks time as they found that I had a section where my sight had gone that they found in the fields of vision test. If that is still there when I go back for a repeat of the test then the optician is going to refer me. I don't think this is down to low INR as mine at present is just under 4 so OK.

It will be interesting to hear if others have similar eye sight problems.


hi 90 i have problems with my vision also, it effects me ,two ways,one is a blurry, cant read or focus well. the other is totally different, if you were to make field of vision a big puzzle , now take random piecies out , the removed sections is what i cant see. it has happened when inr is low or high. bfn jet


I too have problems with blurred vision and occasionally large dark grey areas in my field of vision that makes me lose my 3D. Not sure if its my INR or the fact that I take hydroxy. Will look into this when I am feeling a bit more able.


hi sue it sounds to me we share common symtoms, when 1 st dia. had the worst of problems. went thru exstensive testing with eye speacialist. pictures of back of eye, all angles. couldnt really find any thing that could be wrong.but i still get checked every year.i dont see any pattern that i could really possitively blame on just inr . it i guess could have a bearing on it, but i dont see it as the major cause. i have other problems that could be a accomplice as well i think. bfn jet


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