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blind spots in your vision?

hi everyone, does anyone have gaps or blind spots in their vision? I had a tia a few years ago and every now and then I feel as though i have blind spots. Is this normal for someone who wears glasses and takes warfarin? I admit that I do need to see my optician in the next month but just wanted to know what y'all think. Thanks, Heather xx

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Blind spots (a bit like when you have looked at the sun then looked away) can be a form of migraine aura .. I have had them prior to getting the proper zig zag waterfall. We can have aura with no headache.. it may be that. Optician is a good start :)


i have lupus/aps i have had TIA's and a stroke i have blind spot as lost periphal visions on the right side. I do find that every now and again i feel as thou i have lost more vision, spoke to neurologist had brain scan, nothing new shown, Said it coule be down to Stress, anxiety and worry. I am on wafarin. I did go to option they did vision field test but did not have record to compare with prior to going there to see if there was any change, they also wrote to the neurologist as well as my GP to bring my appointment forward.


Read with interest -I had a TIA in

April, and the first thing was that my left eye vision went, it was though a grey blind came down and it lasted about 20 minutes which scared me, and luckily enough we were close to the Eye Infirmary, so went in and was told that it was due to the TIA. Since then despite wearing glasses my eyesight seems to have got worse slightly and there are times when one of my eyes has a mist. I always mention to DR at hospital as eveyone different. I tend to wear glasses most of the time now.

I should check out though. I find specsavers brilliant here in Devon, they have all the machines and if they feel nothing is right, they go one step further. I was also told that I had beginnings of cataract - must have been the prednisolone which I was given alot of.

Best wishes


Wow - ive had exactly the same - i had a blackout and lost the peripheral vision in my right side - number of optician appointments and specsavers then found evidence of a cateract and something going on which sidetracked everyone really - when in fact id had a stroke - and it was my opthalmic conslt hat diagnosed it a couple of years later - despite two mri's - its because the eyes apear to be healthy that we get nowhere - when in fact its the brain damage thats causing the problems - I had a bloke at a & e tell me he could see trauma to the left side of the brain but didnt know what was happening and sent me home. Even after the cateract operation i have deterioration in my left eye. I have cupped discs and damage to the optic nerve - the same symptoms as someone with glaucoma yet i dont have glaucoma and nobody knows whats happening to me. only friday night i was at urgent opthalmology appt because i had pain in my left eyeball and my sight deteriorated again. Im sorry this is so long but im only 33 and i feel like im just waiting to go blind, the pain is awful and im upset all the time - so glad you guys posted and at least i feel like its not just me!!

Just one point to daisy - My opthalmic consultant and specasavers said he does see people with auto immune disorders with rapid degenerative cateracts in young people - yet some people who arent as familiar with aps say its only drugs/steroids that do it. x

Isnt it so frustrating that you know your losing sight and its put down to stress, its like the get-out clause for everything!


Hi Heather

Welcome, glad you found us. Sorry to hear of your problems.

I have had a lazy left eye since childhood, although it follows the other (thank goodness) the vision is very poor and getting worse. Therefore having blind spots, hazing and problems with both peripheral and field of vision in right eye is extremely worrying, so glad you posted this cos it follows that i shall be going back to optician. Last time was 6 months ago in the middle of a 5 week migraine, so they attributed everything to the migraine, now I wonder if its down to aps as well.

Incidentally my visual symptoms get worse when inr gets lower!!! So do the migraines!!!

I hope you well today.

Take care gentle hugs sheena xxxxx jessielou xxxxx :-) :-) :-)


Hi everyone and a huge thanks and hugs to all who got back to me. It's amazing to find out that you're really not alone with these things, eh? I'm also sorry also to hear that you all are having problems too, despite being relieved that it's not just me! I was diagnosed with lupus anticoagulant approx 5 yrs ago and I'm still none the wiser sometimes. (It doesn't help that my haematologist cares more about be having haemochromatisis - too much iron in my blood). Daisy, the exact same thing happened to my vision too. Hope everyone is well and thanks again, Heather xx


Hi Heather,

I have had a central blind spot in my left eye for years, which I first reported to my optician in 2008 when it changed from episodic to perm. My optician blamed "stress"! Following my dx of SLE, Hughes and Sjorgrens this June, I went back to my optician who performed a Red Amsler (Grid) Test and identified a Scotoma i.e. plaque or lesion on my retina. I am now on drops, have stopped wearing contacts and am waiting a referral to see an opthamologist. Hope this helps. K


Is it there all the time or does it come and go? Does it move around? Is it on just one side? Is it there when you close your eyes (one or both)?

Definitely go to get a full eye test. Are you in the UK, if so your GP may be able to refer you to a hospital eye clinic where they will do all the full checks for free.


hi heather when i was dia. aug 2009 ,i had a problem the best way to discribe it is you are looking at abig wall , now make the wall a big puzzle, now remove some peices, i would see everything accept those pieces .after warfarin was ajusted ,it seemed to help . the last problem was just awhile ago with my migraines, this time it was more of a blurr than a loss.. when migraines stopped thus.the blurred vision. does this sound anything like yours. jet


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