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The DSM codifies psychiatric conditions and is used worldwide as a key guide for diagnosing disorders. Because APS is difficult to diagnose We are very at risk and some have already experienced this mislabeling. Please share this link and lend your support. Right now it seems to only be getting attention by those already with the diagnosis. However, the ones that stand to be effected most by this negligent codes are those with health ailments and concerns already. WE NEED THIS TO GO VIRAL.

Let all of our voices be heard.

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Yes, I saw this in other groups on HU, and it is gxetting wide air play on social media. Mary F


Are these going to be global recommendations or just applied in America?



The DSM is used all over the world. Specifically UK uses it to help decide benefits. In fact one of the group members is Dr. Sharpe who is an influential physician in Scotland and works with the NHS. ICD-11 will also likely take it's cues from what the final SSD in the DSM-5 out come is. They have been under a lot of scrutiny for not being open and forthright with their decision process. Unfortunately, mental health diagnosis's do not get awarded the same benefits and full medical testing is often not carried out. If this goes thru it will make it easier for people with real medical conditions to get mislabeled with a mental condition. I know first handed how this can happen.

I was misdiagnosed in 2008 with a functional disorder it has taken me almost 5 years, thousands of dollars, and coughing up blood and extreme chest pain before I could get doctors to look for what was really wrong with me. I finally October of this year was diagnosed with Sneddons Syndrome a potentially dangerous condition if left untreated. The UK has the highest rate of Somatic diagnoses. This will effect many people and it is a dustbin diagnosis.


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