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Weird sensation!

Hi all - has anybody had this sensation that im having today - if you ever cut off your circulation when you put a plaster on too tight in your fingers you'll probably know what i mean - it started off in my right thumb like dead buzzing feeling and now its just like ive lost the feeling in my thumb, my lips went numb for a few seconds and now my fingers have started to do the same, i feel very heavy in my hands and arms. Im not going to the doctors cos i ended up in a & e yesterday after slicing through my leg with a stanley blade - maybe the stress of it has done this?? I have nifepidine that opens up my blood vessels should I take one of those do you think?? I get raynauds but i havent been out today so its not like im cold?

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Hi there, I can understand you do not want A & E... but you need to get some haematology advice... ring them, and if you can;t get the doctor/consultant and ring their secretary,. you need more detailed advice.. and with it being Thursday today.. before the week-end when things are always more tricky medically speaking. Best of luck. Mary F x


You do need to ask for advice on

Mary says you dont want to get stuck with the weekend coming up.....i too get raynauds & get it when not even that cold. X


Maybe its just that then, ive not been able to warm up particularly well since the accident so its probably got something to do with it, thanks guys x


Hi Emma

Definitely seek advice hon, could be shocky from your accident yesterday... Let us know how you doing hon!

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxx :-) :-) :-)


Hi emmaj

I used to get my fingers on my right hand turning numb one at a time, then coming back to life in the same sequence after 20 to 30 mins. Also numb lips, heavy arms & legs etc. These are all APS symptoms and are usually reduced considerably with effective anticoagulation. What medication are you on?

Best wishes.



Im on warfarin and aspirin so it shouldnt be thrombotic - got appt with dr khashmata on 4th Jan and if it gets any worse then ill contact my GP on Mon - I nearly called them today as its not subsiding but ive had that many trips to A&E lately im too scared to go, cos i know what will happen, ill be in there for days with nobody knowing what to do with me, children to look after and more drama associated with me so id rather just put up and shut up! Thanks all - glad to know others get it too and its not just me xxx


Good luck emma. Have you tried a heating pad?



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