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Hi. I saw my doctor yesterday and for once the triangular rash i get on my face and the rash on my arms were present and he said though it can happen in APLS it was more likely in Lupus and when he looked at my notes from my hospital admissions i had posotive test for Lupus and wants me retested but he said it didnt matter what the test said he was convinced I had Lupus as well as APLS. What I want to ask is how common is to have both and what are the different symptoms and treatment. Thanks

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Hi there, I do and so does my daughter: If you look in the Hughes Syndrome Foundation website there is plenty of info on there, under one section if you look at this page I am loading for you..... you can see a venn diagram in red, showing the overlap of hughes and lupus, the bit in the middle represents the patients who have both!

Hopefully your doctor will consider 'Plaquanel' alongside your other medications, it is the current drug of choice at St Thomas's Hospital, and many patients do very well on this, although it takes many weeks for it to kick in. Mary F x


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