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Sorry to sound a bit dense, but when you have a TIA what symptoms do you get and can you recognise that this is what has happened? Or do you go to a GP/ hospital and get told? Do you have a scan which confirms a TIA?



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Hi there, TIA's do not always show up on scans... and here are a list of symptoms.


Hope this clarifies things a little, hope all is well. Mary F x


Thanks Mary. You're always a great help x


Cheers to you too! MF x


One frustrating thing about TIAs is that the patient can tell something is wrong with one of the brain's processing centers, but you can't present the doctor with any outside verifiable evidence. So . . .in the months leading up to my diagnosis, doc after doc dismissed my symptoms as " all in your head my dear. Stop worrying.".

Aaaaaargh! That is one of the great values of this site. We've been there, someone here has probably done that, and we can offer support and advice. My advice? if you are having what one of us here calls " funny turns," start documenting your symptoms. Start a notebook and write down what you felt and when.

They could be APLS mediated " funny turns," or not. Keeping a chart of what you feel and when may help doc experienced in APLS follow up with the blood work which can,( but not always!) rule it in or out.

If you see a doc for these, make sure the doc knows about APLS and seek a referral with a hematologist or rheumatologist who has experience with managing this.


Hi Gina

So the funny turns aren't tias? If not, what's the difference? I'm a bit confused !

Tias present similar symptoms to strokes don't they but recover is quicker isn't it. They can only say you've had a tia from a scan though can't they? Do funny turns have different symptoms?

Sorry I'm struggling today as reacted badly to the Tramadol that I took yesterday afternoon -but that's a different story!!

Thanks for all your help .




A tia is a mini-stroke with the same symptoms except that it leaves no lasting effects and doesn't last more than a few minutes to 24 hours. See: webmd.com/stroke/tc/transie...

Before being diagnosed with APS almost 5 years ago I used to get them regularly and have had dozens and dozens. While symptoms can vary with each person and even with each event, my usual symptoms present with a sudden and extreme headache on one side of my head along with sudden confusion and numbness down one side of my face and the side of my mouth would droop.

Scans don't help unless they are done right away but the protocol is if one is having a tia to go to hospital immediately. Afterwards they may or may not show up on a scan.

Hope this helps!



Just reading the comments about Tia's and mini strokes and I am confused too now.

I had multiple Tia's which showed on a MRI six months later and left me with cognitive dysfunction and white bits on brain. (not sure of correct terminology). So did I have Tia's or mini strokes or strokes?


Hi all

I went to an audivestibular consultant in London on Thursday, Prof Hughes referred me to him, and he explained really well why we get 'funny turns'. It's because the blood vessels in our inner ears are only 0.1mm diameter and that is smaller than some platelets. So, if our blood is sludgy the ears can't get enough oxygen and we have a funny turn. The brain stem etc is also affected and that gives us the other symptoms such as numbness, tingling etc.

Best wishes.



With TIA's I get paIns in my head, visual disturbances and a really horrible feeling in my chest and I think I am going to collapse. I get them frequently.The hospital consultant calls them 'funny turns'which he can't explain. Usually I get odd feelings a few days before and the symptoms last for about a week afterwards,yet ehy are only supposed to last for 20 minutes or so?

I notice that other people refer to them as 'funny turns'too?

I won't even go to hospital with them now. I just keep my fingers crossed and hope...


Thanks Pluto. Wouldnt the hospital say you hadn't had a tia then if it's a funny turn? My rheumy was sure I'd had a stroke even though it didn't show on the mri.


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