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My first appointment went well

Had my first appointment yesterday at St Thomas. Went really well. Had 11 more tubes of blood taken and a good all round MOT. Back again on the 7th of December for results. Fingers crossed. Was interesting to find out that my GP is giving me the wrong dose of clexane aswell! Will be having words when I got for my INR next week.

Thanks to all that gave advise.

MJ x

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Hi there, well done with this...and I am sure your GP will read any letters which come regarding INR, once they get the hang of this with some guidance from St Thomas' things should improve, the GP may have been given wrong information themselves. Keep in touch, very interesting to hear your path of progress with all of this. Mary F x


Well done, that is such good news x


Hi, Oh dear about the wrong dose!!!

I am glad the MOT went well tho'......hope the results will be ok, let us know how it goes, Sue xx


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