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I was just sat here thinking, not a thing I do that often, and was wondering if anyone else has a lot of falls.

I have had a lot recently and feel quite battered, in the past 2 weeks I have fallen nearly every day. Resulting in some nasty injuries, pulled all the muscles in my calf, stretched my achilles tendon, lucky it didnt go completly, badly bruised my shoulder and to finish off fell over the cat who promptly stuck his claws into me and ended up with a hole in my leg that bled a lot....ruined my shoes. Can't really blame the cat.

Add al that to the aches and pains I get every day I feel it might be safer to go to bed and stay there!!!

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Oh Dear Judes you have been in the wars!! :-( You poor thing..... Do you use a walking stick or any other walking aids? If not I think perhaps you should think about it because they can steady you when your balance is a bit off and it sounds as if your is at the moment.

Many Charity shops have some that dont cost very much but make sure you get one that has a good solid rubber base so that it cant slip and that it can be adjusted to the proper height. You can also get in touch with your local social services OT and they will arrange for you to have one or any other walking aid or any aids that you need to make you and your home safe.

So no need to hide in bed, just take it easy till you feel better xx


Judes-- You have been through the ringer lately!!! I agree with APsnotFab, get yourself a cane or even maybe a scooter of sorts. I lost my left leg to APS and use an electric chair. It won't go through my bedroom door so I use crutches to get me to my bed, etc. I still fall a lot!!! I hope you can get some help, I know how you feel!!! Take good care now!!!!!


HI there, I am not surprised you are peeved, yes to the varied advice above, anything you can do for yourself to make things a little less turbulent in the home would be a good idea. I hope you have plenty of friends and family to drop in and perhaps help you do a few things to make life less difficult. Do let us know how you get on. Mary F x


Hi Judes

I feel for you. I am not overly stable on my pins, my hisband says i have teo left feet and my boys regularly nickname me "klutz". I am on the low side with my blood pressure and tend to trip, slip or knock into things quite regularly. I have several leg bruises and two humdingers on my arms where i lost my balance and landed heavily. When i have my severe migraines i also lose the balance within my sight and tend to see a disjointed image and that can make me lose balance more easily. Wish i knew the answer! :/


Hi, I understand - and have many falls and always walking in to things - my daughter and I joke all the time that im a clumsy smurf, My sight has been affected and I cant sense distances/widths properly etc - only today I smacked my head on a doorframe. I think all this can lead to migraines with our sludgy blood aswell as just balance problems x


just an update, I am not really prone to falls and it is easy to blame Hughes for everything and put it down to one of those things.

It turns out I had pneumoniua, which would explain why I felt so awfull, thankfully that will be the end of it as responding well to anti bioctics.

My leg and shoulder are still incedibly painfull and did use a couple of walking poles this morning as had to go to Remembrance Day Parade.

Thanks for all your advise and good wishes



That was really sensible of you.Those walking Poles are very good my hubbies Orthopaedic doc recommended them for him for his knees.

I do hope you feel better soon. x


getting there thankfully, I am trying Nodic walking as 2 poles are better than one!! Not often I am ever caled sensible......



Yep I fall about 2 a month my friends would say I'm accident prone


Hi there some good sound advice from APsnotFAB, I myself do not fall as such, but when very unwell I continually bump into things, as if my spacial awareness is not so good, and yes i do have a fully unmatched crockery set due to the amount of things I drop! MaryF


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