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Pradaxa and Xarelto

I am currently on Pradaxa, (been lnearly 2 weeks now) and it seems to be working fairly well for me so far. My hands usually cold and very red with white fingertips are feeling very warm and toasty latey and slowly the red is fading!

And I am feeling well. That is the most important thing. I haven't noticed any negative side effects at all.

Is anyone participating in the clinical trials on APS patients in the UK?

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Hi Kristina

I hope you still feeling well? I am sorry i cannot answer your question as i have not heard about pradaxa and xarelto but hope someone can answer your question and if you know any more on the trail would be good to hear what is going on.



hi paddy - jet here from u.s. just looked up pradaxa and xarelto pradaxa is avaible in the states now ,but not much to be found about it ,xarelto is not avaible to us yet being held up by fda sounds like tasch has used with great results .i bloged her but no reply as of yet .will keep a eye on this thanks jet


Xarelto (rivaroxiban) has been recommended for approval in the US but there seem to be problems when transitioning from Xarelto to other meds (not sure what kind of problems but trying to get some answers).

Pradaxa (dabigatran) is available in the US for use after orthopedic surgery for clot prevention and also now long term use in patients with non valvular AFib (an irreg heartbeat).

I believe that Pradaxa will be trialed soon in the UK Specifically on APS patients to see if it works better than Warfarin. It is a direct thrombin inhibitor and very stable in the system. Requires twice a day dosing and NO INR checks, but only periodic lab draws for kidney function and general bloodwork we already get.

So because I can't take Warfarin (too unstable INR) and I am flaing and clotting has been activated and antibodies are recently high, and been having major issues- the docs discussed and decided to put me on it. Three specialists discussed starting me on this independently before I chose to take it.

I am feeling well still, getting my energy back a LOT. My hands and feet not cold like they usually are and cheeks are warm too! I think it must be improving circulation and I am sure protecting me better than the Plavix was.


Just trannsitioned to dabigatran myself from high-dose Lovenox. No ill effects as yet. Only time will tell, however. Given that you've been on it lonnger, do you have anything to report? Thanks. Doug.


Hi Doug, I had to stop taking it as I had really bad gO symptoms. I don't think its all the Pradaxa though, something else is going on.

I am very sensitive to many drugs and have major GI issues, so the two don't mix very well.

Docs are trying to get to bottom of GI issues though as they have continued after weeks being off the medicine.


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