Just got letter of doctor to take to my medical on thursday, after reading it I feel sorry for myself.... not really just puts things into(cannot think of the right word- you can make your own word up here) when you see it in black and white.

Along with letter from physio and social worker.

Thanks everyone who encouraged me to ask for letters, I wasnt going to as I hate asking for things but I asked and it wasnt as bad as i thought it would be.


Sharon xx

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  • Hi there, 'perspective' will be my word, and look well done for having the courage to deal with it and get it done, it should be a bit of a weight off your shoulders, in a funny sort of way. Sending you warm wishes and positive thoughts. Mary F x

  • well done sharon ;-) good luck for thursday the letters will be very helpful xxx

  • Yes mary that was the word 'perspective' Isnt it weird when you just cannot find the right word.


    sharon xx

  • Well perhaps you can have a game with some of the words I could not find today, although some may be unprintable! x

  • Good luck with your letters....I'm sure they'll help, thinking of you x

  • Good luck for Thursday - sending hugs and good wishes.

  • As I've said previously, I will have you in my thoughts on Thursday, as I'm sure everyone else will, and nice to hear your gp is so supportive. It's not so bad after all to ask for help, as we can be a bit more than a little forgetful can't we, especially when you're in a strange place, talking to a stranger as well.

    L x

  • thanks everyone

    sharon xx

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